Which episode does the Defiant get destroyed?

Which episode does the Defiant get destroyed?

After many missions, the Defiant was destroyed in 2375 during the Second Battle of Chin’toka in the DS9 episode “The Changing Face of Evil.”

What happened to the Defiant in Deep Space Nine?

The Defiant remains attached to Deep Space Nine under Sisko’s command for the remainder of the series, carrying the crew on missions beyond the space station. It appears briefly in Star Trek: First Contact under the command of Worf. The Breen destroy the Defiant during the show’s finale arc.

What does the Breen look like?

The helmet of the Breen suits consists of a visor that either glows green, or has small green and red lights on it, and a detachable “beak”. The Breen’s suits come in two types. The first is a standard suit that is worn by most of the Breen.

Was the Defiant destroyed in first contact?

In the original script for Star Trek: First Contact, the Defiant was destroyed by the Borg Cube.

Are the Breen human?

The Breen are a fictional extraterrestrial species featured in the Star Trek science fiction franchise.

How old is Mardah?

In the third season of Deep Space Nine, Captain Benjamin Sisko learns that his son, Jake, is dating Mardah, a woman who works on the station (“The Abandoned”). Although their age difference is certainly a cause for concern—Jake is 16 and Mardah is 20—Sisko’s main issue appears to be with Mardah’s work as a Dabo girl.

Was Benny Russell a real person?

He was no longer a member of Starfleet, but a science fiction author in 1950s New York named Benny Russell. Russell has written a story about a black space station captain titled “Deep Space Nine,” but is unable to get it published thanks to the racism of American society.

In the documentary What We Left Behind, the apocryphal first episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine season 8 revealed that the Defiant was under the command of Captain Nog (Aron Eisenberg) 20 years later, before it was destroyed in what would ignite a new, season-long mystery.

What episode of Deep Space Nine is Jonathan Frakes in?

” Defiant ” is the 55th episode of the television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the ninth episode of the third season. This episode guest stars actor Jonathan Frakes, in the role he had originated on Deep Space Nine ‘ s predecessor series, Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Is the Defiant Star Trek’s original Starship?

It took 3 seasons for the space station-set DS9 to get its own starship, but the Defiant has since become one of Star Trek ‘s most famous and beloved ships, even though it, confusingly, has no shared history with the 23rd-century starship of the same name seen in TOS and in Star Trek: Enterprise.

Who called the Defiant a’tough little ship’?

— Arnoud Tiele ([email protected]) Thomas Riker calls the Defiant a “tough little ship”; William T. Riker later calls it the same thing in Star Trek: First Contact (1996). Commander Sisko folds his arm while trying to convince Gul Dukat that he wants to help disable the Defiant.