What battery does the EOTech 551 use?

What battery does the EOTech 551 use?

The 551 is configured to run for 200 hours on two “N” type batteries.

Do EOTech sights need batteries?

EOTECH HWS 552™ The HWS 552™ is the most popular night vision-compatible holographic weapon sight offered. The AA battery is available globally making these models a favorite. The mount is compatible with both 1” Weaver and MIL-STD-1913 rails and includes a hex cross bolt and thumbscrew.

What battery does EOTech EXPS2 take?

123 Lithium battery
2.1.2 Battery One initially supplied (1) 123 Lithium battery powers the EXPS2. The HWS is designed to maintain constant brightness at a particular setting as the battery drains down. The reticle brightness will not fade gradually as the battery runs down, but rather, shut down abruptly.

What is EOTech battery life?


Reticle Circle 1-Dot (Night Vision Compatible)
Brightness Settings 20 Daylight Settings 10 Night Vision Compatible Settings Gen I-III Night Vision
Power Source 1 x CR123 battery
Battery Life 1,000 continuous hours at nominal setting 12 (out of 20 Daylight settings) at room temperature

Does Eotech come with battery?

Included in the box: Warranty Card. CR123 Battery.

Do holographic sights need batteries?

The laser diode in a holographic sight uses more power and has more complex driving electronics than a standard LED of an equivalent brightness, reducing the amount of time a holographic sight can run on a single set of batteries compared to a red dot sight (around 600 hours for typical holographic sights, compared to …

What size battery does EOTech use?

EOTech Battery Types The “classic” EOTech style uses 2 AA Batteries. A few years back, EOtech launched a new line of sights that uses 1 CR123 Lithium battery. There are pros and cons to both types: AA Batteries are cheap and easy to find, but they add size and weight to the unit.

Does a holographic sight need batteries?

How long does an EOTech last?

We understand your passion for shooting and your reliance on products that will provide years of dependable use. That is why we offer a 10-year limited EOTECH Prestige Warranty, as described below. Should you experience a problem with your EOTECH product, we will do the following to make it right for you.

Does EOTech come with battery?

Is there a red dot that doesn’t need batteries?

It’s called the Meprolight M-21, and batteries are most definitely not included. Why not? Because the M21 doesn’t use them. It is the only red-dot optic that does not require a battery or an on/off switch.

Are red dots battery powered?

Red dot sights are quickly becoming one of the most popular accessories for rifles and pistols. These battery-powered devices use a simple LED to create a point of aim that’s quick to spot, easy to use, and affordable to own.