How do I use Promogran matrix wound dressing?

How do I use Promogran matrix wound dressing?

Apply directly to wound, covering the entire wound bed. PROMOGRAN PRISMA® Matrix forms a gel on contact with exudate or through saline hydration. 2. Cover PROMOGRAN PRISMA® Matrix with a secondary dressing to maintain a moist wound healing environment.

How often should Promogran be changed?

Based on instructions of use, the dressing should be changed every 72 hours or more frequently if the exudate level is high. If the gel has not biodegraded the dressing should be left in place until the next dressing change, minimising disturbance to the wound.

How long does it take Promogran Prisma to work?

Improvement was determined as a 50% reduction (or greater) in wound area by 12 weeks. Of the wounds that improved or healed in the 12-week period (63%) the response was greater in wounds of less than 6 months duration (87%).

What is Promogran Prisma matrix used for?

Promogran Prisma is a topical wound treatment containing collagen, oxidised- regenerated cellulose (ORC) and 1% silver-ORC. It is a protease-modulating matrix that has the potential to alter the wound environment by reducing the protease activity in the wound and thus stimulate healing.

How long does Promogran wound last?

In heavily exuding wounds, it may be necessary to replace the matrix daily initially, but on lightly exuding wounds it may be left undisturbed for 2-3 days.

Does Promogran dissolve?

In the presence of exudate, the PROMOGRAN PRISMA™ Matrix transforms into a soft, conformable, biodegradable gel, and thus allows contact with all areas of the wound.

How do I uninstall Promogran?

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How do you apply Prisma to a wound?

For optimal effect, apply PROMOGRAN PRISMA™ Matrix directly to the whole wound bed. For a wound with low or no exudate apply PROMOGRAN PRISMA™ Matrix and hydrate with saline or Ringer’s solution. This will initiate the gel forming process. The biodegradable gel is naturally absorbed over time.

Can you cut Promogran Prisma?

If necessary, PROMOGRAN PRISMA™ Matrix can be cut using clean scissors, ripped or folded to fit the wound bed. 3. For a small or deep exuding wound, cut the dressing prior to application or pack dressing into the wound.

Do you moisten Prisma?

If the wound is moist, apply dry piece of Prisma directly on the wound. If the wound is dry, apply Prisma on the wound and then moisten it lightly with normal saline. When Pri sma absorbs exudate or i s moistened, i t forms a gel. Prisma needs moisture to be effective.

What is comparable to Prisma?

AWS AppSync, Apollo, Hasura, Sequelize, and TypeORM are the most popular alternatives and competitors to Prisma.

When do you use Prisma?

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