Who designed the Raven Golf Course?

Who designed the Raven Golf Course?

Gene Bates
Circling Raven Golf Club

Club information
Designed by Gene Bates
Par 72
Length 7,189 yd (6,574 m)
Course rating 74.1

How much does a round of golf cost in Phoenix?

The most coveted tee times in Phoenix-Scottsdale can cost $150 onwards up to $300-plus during the peak golf season from January-March (tee times are usually the most costly during the PGA Tour’s Waste Management Phoenix Open, which often coincides with the Super Bowl).

How many golf courses are in the Phoenix metro?

200 golf courses
There are about 200 golf courses in the greater Phoenix area, which means there must be a golf course that suits your game.

How much does it cost to play TPC in Phoenix?

If you want to play TPC Scottsdale’s Stadium Course, you will be paying a hefty price. In the weeks after the Phoenix Open, which is the high season for golf in the area, the TPC Scottsdale green fee is as high as $384 at the peak of the day. The green fee goes down after 2 p.m., going to $259.

Does the golf ball fly further in Phoenix?

It usually takes two to three rounds to make these minor adjustments and feel confident about the shot. Because you are at a higher elevation above sea level, combined with the hard fairways and the dry air, the ball travels farther.

What is the green fee at TPC Scottsdale?

What is the longest golf hole in Arizona?

The 747-yard “rattler,” shaped like a snake with two bunkers that look like eyes also lays claim to being the longest golf hole in Arizona, fifth longest in the United States and 10th longest on the planet, according to Today’s Golfer.

How many members does Phoenix Country Club have?

approximately 2,600
Golf Course Redesigned The clubhouse was renovated in 2009 to house and support a membership current population of approximately 2,600.

Are there rattlesnakes on Arizona golf courses?

Now, rattlesnakes are more common during the spring and early fall months in Arizona, but they’re around on warm days. And since Arizona has more venomous snakes than any other state, there are actual professionals who are trained to humanely remove rattlesnakes. And they don’t use golf clubs.