How can I speed up CellProfiler?

How can I speed up CellProfiler?

Improving CellProfiler Speed

  1. Make sure you’re using ExportToDatabase (in SQLite mode is a good place to start) not ExportToSpreadsheet.
  2. Give CellProfiler a temp directory with lots of file space.

Is CellProfiler free?

CellProfiler is free, open-source software for quantitative analysis of biological images. No prior experience in programming or computer vision is required – this page is intended to help you get up and running.

How do you cite CellProfiler?

CellProfiler for cells (feel free to cite the most recent): Stirling DR, Swain-Bowden MJ, Lucas AM, Carpenter AE, Cimini BA, Goodman A (2021). CellProfiler 4: improvements in speed, utility and usability.

What is CellProfiler used for?

CellProfiler provides advanced algorithms for image analysis, organized as individual modules that can be placed in sequential order to form a pipeline. This pipeline is then used to identify and measure cells or other biological objects and their morphological features.

What is Imaris?

Imaris is a powerful analysis and visualisation software package designed for processing 3D images – such as those acquired from confocal microscopes.

What does CellProfiler do?

CellProfiler can address a variety of biological questions quantitatively, including standard assays (for example, cell count, size, per-cell protein levels) and complex morphological assays (for example, cell/organelle shape or subcellular patterns of DNA or protein staining).

What is cellular profiling?

Abstract. Image-based cell profiling is a high-throughput strategy for the quantification of phenotypic differences among a variety of cell populations. It paves the way to studying biological systems on a large scale by using chemical and genetic perturbations.

What is cell painting?

Cell Painting is a high-content, multiplexed image-based assay used for cytological profiling. In a Cell Painting assay, up to six fluorescent dyes are used to label different components of the cell including the nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, cytoskeleton, Golgi apparatus, and RNA.

How much does Imaris cost?


Name Price/ea Q
Imaris 9.5 for Cell Biologists (CL) $21,762 1
Imaris 9.5 for Cell Biologists (CL) $18,414 1

How do you analyze cell morphology?

The basic measurements to analyze the cell morphology are then adjusted using the software menu bar. A selection is made on an appropriate area of the embryo using the oval selection tool and the measurements are analyzed using the Shape Factor Determination Formula.

What is the cell morphology?

Cell morphology describes the shape, structure, form, and size of cells.

What does Imaris mean?

: a multicolored Japanese porcelain usually characterized by elaborate floral designs.

How do I add annotations to Imaris?

To enable the annotations simply click on the ‘Statistical Annotation’ button. In the viewing area the statistical annotation appears. The statistical annotation shows the name of the selected statistical parameter and its value.

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