Are Shetland wool sweaters good?

Are Shetland wool sweaters good?

Shetland Sweaters – History and Style These sheep are known for their fine, hard-wearing wool, which makes for excellent knitwear.

How good is Shetland wool?

It is one of the finest and softest of any UK breed. This soft, yet strong and durable wool is a delight to spin and is ideal for knitting. Traditionally, the finest of the Shetland yarns, spun from selected neck wool, were knit into lace shawls so fine they could be drawn through a wedding ring!

How should a Shetland sweater fit?

The key to a good Shetland sweater is the fit. The body should be fitted, but not look like a sausage wrapping. The sleeves should be fitted, and not look blousy. I prefer a crew neck version in solid colors.

Is brushed Shetland wool itchy?

Like most wools, though, raw Shetland can be fairly itchy, which is why as the sweaters made their way stateside, a brushed version was favored.

Where are Shetland sweaters made?

– Made in Scotland. Established in 1923, Shetland Woollen Co. specialise in crafting sweaters and knitwear from authentic local Scottish sources.

Who makes Shetland?

ITV Studios
Shetland is a British crime drama television series, made by ITV Studios for BBC Scotland and first broadcast on BBC One 10 March 2013.

Is Shetland Irish or Scottish?

Lying roughly 100 miles off the north east coast of Scotland, the Shetland Islands are the northern-most tip of Scotland. The islands separate the Atlantic Ocean, on the west, from the North Sea on the east.

What is the meaning of Shetland?

a : a lightweight loosely twisted yarn of Shetland wool used for knitting and weaving. b : a fabric or a garment made from Shetland wool.

When did Shetland become Scottish?

20 February 1472
Shetland and Orkney became part of Scotland 550 years ago, on 20 February 1472.

Are Shetland Islanders Scottish?

Shetland Islands, also called Zetland or Shetland, group of about 100 islands, fewer than 20 of them inhabited, in Scotland, 130 miles (210 km) north of the Scottish mainland, at the northern extremity of the United Kingdom. They constitute the Shetland Islands council area and the historic county of Shetland.