How long should a NOx sensor last?

How long should a NOx sensor last?

However, on average, a Nox sensor can last between 50,000 to 60,000 miles. With proper maintenance, the sensor can last for more than that. In the same manner, it can fail long before covering 50k miles.

What can cause a NOx sensor fault code?

Your car’s computer will flash up these error codes if it receives a smaller voltage than expected from the NOx sensor signal wire. A broken or shorted wire, or an unwanted build-up of soot and debris, may cause this.

What is NOx sensor bank1?

The P2201 code’s definition is “NOx sensor circuit range/performance (Bank 1).” It’s triggered when the powertrain control module (PCM) detects an issue with the nitrogen oxide sensors. The nitrogen oxide sensor measures the amount of nitrogen oxide expelled in the exhaust.

What happens when NOx sensor fails?

When the NOx sensor has failed, the ECU can no longer determine how much fuel the injectors should spray inside the chamber. In turn, the injectors begin surging or sporadically starving the engine since the ECU is incapable of determining the optimal quantities required.

Can NOx sensor be repaired?

The NOx sensor is a very complicated component and can be expensive to repair however, it’s often not actually the sensor which is causing the problem but the lambda probe inside the exhaust which tests the NOx levels which has malfunctioned, and this is something which can easily be replaced.

Is NOx sensor same as oxygen sensor?

Like oxygen sensors, NOx sensors will not work unless they are at the correct temperature, so they have an integrated heater that is also module-controlled. The power supply to the NOx sensor module is critical to proper sensor operation.

Can I fix a NOx sensor?

Do petrol engines have a NOx sensor?

Eventually, all stratified charge gasoline engines in the Volkswagen Group (1.4, 1.6 and 2.0 L) were equipped with NOx sensors. Other OEMs, including Daimler and BMW, also put large numbers of gasoline engines with charge stratification onto the roads.

Does AdBlue affect NOx sensor?

If the NOx sensor goes on the blink, the car’s SCR system doesn’t know how much AdBlue to inject into the exhaust system. Rather than not injecting enough and possibly causing polluting exhaust gases to be emitted, it’s likely to inject more than the car needs.