Why join dorset Police?

Why join dorset Police?

As a member of Dorset Police, you will feel a strong sense of pride in working to protect the communities we serve. There are a broad range of roles carried out within Dorset Police, with opportunities as diverse as the communities we serve.

What police force covers Exeter?

Devon and Cornwall Police
Devon and Cornwall Police is the territorial police force responsible for policing the ceremonial counties of Devon and Cornwall (including the Isles of Scilly) in England….

Devon and Cornwall Police
Formed 1 April 1967
Preceding agencies Devon and Exeter Police Cornwall County Constabulary Plymouth City Police

What does a Police Constable do?

Alternative titles for this job include Policeman, policewoman, police constable. Police officers keep law and order, investigate crime, and support crime prevention.

What do Dorset police do?

Dorset Police is the territorial police force responsible for policing the county of Dorset in the south-west of England, which includes the largely rural area covered by Dorset Council, and the urban conurbation of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

Which is best Devon or Cornwall?

The verdict This is a tough one, but the winner has to be Cornwall… but only just! With over 250 miles of coastline and 300 beaches to explore, Cornwall does beaches like nowhere else in the UK. Devon is a close runner-up with 120 beaches, and of course, the gorgeous Jurassic Coast.

Is there a lot of crime in Cornwall?

Cornwall Crime Statistics Cornwall is the second safest county in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The overall crime rate in Cornwall in 2021 was 44 crimes per 1,000 people, and the most common crimes were violence and sexual offences, which happened to roughly every 23 out of 1,000 residents.

Is it hard to become a police officer UK?

But being a police officer isn’t for everyone – it’s one of the most challenging careers you can choose, being physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. You should consider whether you can: Deal with the complex and sensitive cases, requiring clear reasoning and evidence gathering.

How many police officers are in Devon and Cornwall?

Devon and Cornwall Police as an organisation has over 5000 police officers and staff.

How many police officers are in Dorset?

1,216 police officers
We currently employ: 1,216 police officers. 1,374 police staff – including 121 Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) safer schools and communities officers, neighbourhood engagement officers and Police Community Support Investigators (PCSIs) 129 Special Constables.

Is Devon cheaper than Cornwall?

Promoted Stories. “Cornwall, with an overall average price of £286,627, was similar in terms of sold prices to nearby Devon (£278,097), but was cheaper than Somerset (£305,875) and Dorset (£342,802). The most expensive area within Cornwall was Rock (£1,424,011) and the cheapest was Redruth (£175,012).