Who was the rapper on X Factor?

Who was the rapper on X Factor?

Honey G
Anna Georgette Gilford (born 12 March 1981), professionally known as Honey G, is an English rapper. She was a contestant on the thirteenth series of The X Factor in 2016….Honey G (rapper)

Honey G
Born 12 March 1981 Harrow, London, England
Genres Hip hop comedy hip hop
Occupation(s) Rapper/MC
Instruments Vocals

What did Harry Styles sing on X Factor?

The ‘Watermelon Sugar’ singer’s audition took place on 27 March 2010, and fans were reminiscing about his flawless rendition of ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ by Stevie Wonder and celebrating the successful career he’s gone on to achieve.

Who is the rapper in Astro?

(born September 27, 1996), better known by his stage names Astro, Stro, and The Astronomical Kid, is an American rapper, producer and actor….Astro (rapper)

Background information
Birth name Brian Vaughn Bradley Jr.
Also known as The Astronomical Kid, C.K.O, Coolest Kid Out, Astro, Stro, Stro The MC

How old is astro the rapper?

25 years (September 27, 1996)Stro / Age

What happened to ASTRO The rapper?

Astro is busy promoting his new movie Earth to Echo: His upcoming film, A Walk Among the Tombstones: And his new show, Red Band Society: Then, he’s heading back to the studio to make more music.

What happened to Brian ASTRO Bradley?

Brian “Astro” Bradley who originally played Chris McKay, Nate’s best friend and Cassie’s boyfriend, reportedly quit the show soon after filming began. He was replaced by Algee Smith (The Hate U Give) and his scenes, including the nude sex scene with Sydney Sweeney in the pilot episode, were all reshot.

What happens to Honey G?

The 39-year-old now releases music on her own label following her contract with Simon Cowell ending after her single The Honey G show made it to just number 149 in the charts. Despite this, the rapper has managed to earn a living from personal appearances and even hosted ticketed YouTube concerts during the lockdown.

Is Matt Terry still singing?

Even though Terry switched to the acting scene, he is still singing on his TikTok, YouTube, and sometimes Instagram.

Why was Matt Terry dropped?

Matt was dropped by RCA Records back in June 2018 which is when he decided to have a go at acting instead. The next month, he made his acting debut in the UK production of Madagascar – The Musical and in 2019, he returned to the Madagascar musical, portraying the role of Alex the Lion.