Who was supposed to play Harry in Dumb and Dumber?

Who was supposed to play Harry in Dumb and Dumber?

Jeff Daniels was an unexpected choice Cage was actually still in line to play Harry when Carrey signed on, but he was dumped after trying to get a $2 million raise. The Farrellys and Carrey wanted Daniels, but New Line was worried he couldn’t do comedy and was only a dramatic actor.

Which is Harry and which is Lloyd?

Cast. Jim Carrey as Lloyd Christmas: A goofy chip-toothed slacker who has been fired from several jobs. He has a crush on Mary Swanson, unaware that she is already married. Jeff Daniels as Harry Dunne: Lloyd’s ditzy and airheaded best friend and roommate.

How much money was in the briefcase in Dumb and Dumber?

But along the way, they meet nearly every seedy and shady character involved in the conspiracy. But Lloyd doesn’t know that the briefcase he’s set on delivering to Mary contains nearly $5 million in cash.

Who is smarter Harry or Lloyd?

On some things, he is a tad smarter and more logically minded than Lloyd. Not only is he more literate, (as shown in the first film), he is quite aware that it would be inappropriate (maybe even illegal) for Lloyd to date, never mind to marry, a woman 20 years his junior (as shown in the second.)

Why was Jim Carrey not in When Harry Met Lloyd?

since they couldn’t get Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey for a sequel (or, more likely they didn’t want to PAY them for a sequel), they made a prequel with unknown actors playing the leads. The fans were NOT amused.

How much did Jeff Daniels make for the movie Dumb and Dumber?

around $50,000
Daniels was only paid around $50,000. New Line Cinema originally did not want Daniels in the film, as he was known only for his dramatic work at the time. However, the Farrellys and Carrey wanted Daniels for the part.

How old is Harry Dunne?

Harold Avery “Harry” Dunne is one of the two main protagonists of the Dumb and Dumber franchise. He is a 25-year-old former dog breeder and self-employed groomer who lives in Providence with his best friend and roommate, Lloyd Christmas. He is portrayed by Jeff Daniels in the 1994 film and 2014 sequel.

How old is Lloyd Christmas?

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Lloyd Christmas
Affiliation Harry Dunne
Age 16 (2003 prequel) 24 (1994 movie) 44 (2014 sequel)
Status Alive
Occupation Providence Hill High School student (formerly) Limousine driver (formerly)