Who is No 27 for Sydney Swans?

Who is No 27 for Sydney Swans?

Sydney Swans youngster Justin McInerney is lightning-quick, an endurance machine and a clean user of the footy who’s best used on a wing or at half-back.

Who is number 30 Sydney Swans?

Tom McCartin
Get to know Tom McCartin from the Sydney Swans.

Who is No 36 for swans?

Elijah Taylor
Elijah Taylor (Australian footballer)

Elijah Taylor
Personal information
Draft No. 36, 2019 AFL draft, Sydney
Debut 17 July 2020, Sydney vs. Gold Coast, at Sydney Cricket Ground
Height 185 cm (6 ft 1 in)

Who is number 13 Sydney Swans?

Oliver Florent (born 22 July 1998) is a professional Australian rules footballer playing for the Sydney Swans in the Australian Football League (AFL).

Who wears Sydney Swans 31?

Jarred Moore
Draft No. 31, 2004 National Draft, Sydney
Height 177 cm (5 ft 10 in)
Weight 84 kg (185 lb)
Position(s) Midfielder

Who is number 11 GWS?

Happy birthday to our number 11, Will Setterfield, who turns 20 today! Michael Ross and 70 others like this.

Who is 21 for the Swans?

Errol Gulden

Errol Gulden
Personal information
Years Club Games (Goals)
2021– Sydney 15 (12)
1 Playing statistics correct to the end of round 21 2021.

How old is Oliver Florent?

23 years (July 22, 1998)Oliver Florent / Age

Who wore 39 for Sydney Swans?

Heath Grundy (born 2 June 1986) is a former Australian rules footballer who played for the Sydney Swans in the Australian Football League (AFL). Playing statistics correct to the end of 2019.

Why are the Sydney Swans called swans?

The nickname, which was suggested by a Herald and Weekly Times artist in 1933, was inspired by the number of Western Australians in the team (the black swan being the state emblem of Western Australia), and was formally adopted by the club before the following season 1934.

Who is number 21 Sydney Swans?

Where is Jake Riccardi from?

Greater Western Sydney
Jake Riccardi (born 7 November 1999) is an Australian rules footballer who plays for the Greater Western Sydney Giants in the Australian Football League (AFL)….

Jake Riccardi
Personal information
2020– Greater Western Sydney 24 (20)
1 Playing statistics correct to the end of round 14 2022.
Career highlights

Who is number 9 for GWS?

Sam Taylor is a graduate of the NAB AFL Academy and was selected at pick 28 in the 2017 NAB AFL Draft. He is a tall defender who is strong overhead and very composed when under pressure.

Who is number 22 for Sydney Swans?

Hugo Hall-Kahan Forward.

Who are the new draftees the Sydney Swans have welcomed?

The Sydney Swans have welcomed four new draftees Angus Sheldrick, Matthew Roberts,… Following the 2021 NAB AFL Draft, the Sydney Swans have welcomed new draftees Angus… We welcome Lachlan Rankin to the Bloods with Pick 58 of the 2021 NAB AFL Draft.

Who is the CEO of Sydney Swans AFLW team?

The foundations of the Sydney Swans AFLW team are being set with the club today… Hear from Sydney Swans CEO Tom Harley who spoke following the confirmation of Sydney… Today we celebrate a historic day for our football club.For nearly 150 years, our…

How did the Sydney Swans become the Swans?

Originally founded as the South Melbourne Football Club in 1874, they became the Sydney Swans when they relocated in 1982. They were the first non-Victorian club in the league and started the move towards the national competition we enjoy today. The Swans endured some extremely difficult times in Sydney and faced extinction more than once.

Is it game on for the Sydney Swans’ entry to the AFLW?

It’s Game On for the Sydney Swans entry into the AFLW competition, with the AFL… QBE Sydney Swans Academy Under 19 Captain Jess Doyle has become the first athlete in…