Who is Bret Ernst wife?

Who is Bret Ernst wife?

Kristin Nicole KandracBret Ernst / Wife (m. 2013)

When was Bret Ernst born?

May 4, 1972
Bret Ernst (born May 4, 1972) is an American actor and stand up comedian. He plays Louie LaRusso Jr.

Where does Bret Ernst live?

Los Angeles
Born in New Jersey, Ernst went to high school at Plantation High in South Florida, played collegiate level football at C.W. Post in New York, and currently resides in Los Angeles.

Who does Bret Ernst play in Cobra Kai?

Louie LaRusso, Jr.
Bret Ernst: Louie LaRusso, Jr., Louie Photos (7)

Who plays Louie LaRusso?

Bret Ernst
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Who is the youngest actor in Cobra Kai?

Dallas is the youngest cast member on ‘Cobra Kai. ‘ At 15 years old, Dallas is the youngest cast member on Cobra Kai.

How tall is Tory from Cobra Kai?

2 Peyton List – 5-Foot-6. Peyton List portrays Tory Nichols in Cobra Kai, and although the character didn’t appear until season 2 and didn’t have much screentime in season 3, she’s certainly a memorable character.

How tall is Bert Chrysler?

6′ 0″Bert Kreischer / Height

How tall is Hawk from Cobra Kai?

Jacob Bertrand height According to his IMDb profile, the 21-year-old actor is 5ft 8½” (173.99 cm) tall.

How tall is Cobra Kai silver?

It’s a different feel. They had the stunt guy just like me—he’s 6’4”, and they had the white wig on him. I watched him shoot the master of the first action sequence I was supposed to be a part of, and I’m sitting behind the monitor watching.

Who is Robby’s mom Cobra Kai?

Shannon Keene
Shannon Keene is the formerly unstable and neglectful mother of Robby Keene and the ex-girlfriend of Johnny Lawrence. She is a secondary character in Seasons 1 and 2 of Cobra Kai. She appears in Season 3 as well, where she is in rehab and treatment to get her life on track and be a better person and mother for her son.

How tall is Johnny in Cobra Kai?

Johnny Lawrence star William Zabka is a little shorter at 6ft exactly. Demitri actor Gianni DeCenzo is next at 5ft 11inches.

How tall is Theo Von?

6′ 0″Theo Von / Height

What height is Tom Segura?

6′ 0″Tom Segura / Height