Which way is the damper open on a wood stove?

Which way is the damper open on a wood stove?

Lean in under your chimney just outside of your wood burning stove. You should find a metal device just within the chimney or flue opening. The damper is open if you can see through the damper up to your chimney. If you only see a metal plate, the damper is in a closed position.

Should I close damper wood stove?

You don’t want to leave your wood stove damper fully open, though, because then the heated air will continue to escape, and your room won’t get warm. By closing the damper, it will reduce the oxygen levels in the chimney, and you’ll have a longer fire. According to Northeastern Chimney, this also creates a downdraft.

Is damper open or closed?

The damper is a piece of metal that can be angled by using the knob or chain used to control it to the open or closed position. If it’s too dark to properly see, then use a flashlight. If you can see up through the damper and past to your chimney’s interior, then the damper is open.

Should the damper be open all the way?

The damper should be kept open until all embers are finished burning to prevent smoke from escaping into the home. When the fireplace is not in use, the damper should always be closed. An open damper is like an open window, allowing large amounts of heat from the home to escape.

How much should damper be open?

Why does my wood stove have two dampers?

Open both front dampers completely before starting a fire. Modern, efficient wood stoves have dampers below the firebox, or combustion chamber, to supply air directly to the fuel source as well as an additional damper on the door to supply air to allow combustion of gasses released by the burning wood.

How do you control a fireplace damper?

How to use the fireplace damper to control the fire

  1. Open the fireplace damper all the way when starting a fire.
  2. Let the fire burn for a few minutes then adjust the damper so that it is partially closed (about half way) to see how it affects the fire.

Should damper be open all the way?

A fireplace damper should always be open all of the way when starting a fire, and usually always open throughout the length of the fire. A flue damper should be opened all of the way when opening a stove door to add further fuel to the fire, to help prevent any smoke from pouring out of the stove and into the room.

What is the difference between a flue and a damper?

A damper is located in the flue of your chimney. The flue is where the smoke escapes when the fire is going. Dampers are placed inside of the flue to help control ventilation. Your damper should have a chain or handle that you can access in order to open and close it.

Should fireplace damper be open or closed?

A fireplace damper should always be kept open while the fire is burning. Furthermore, keep the damper open until all the embers are completely out; since smoke and dangerous carbon monoxide can enter the house. Once the ember bed is entirely out, close the damper.