Where is Laura from ANTM now?

Where is Laura from ANTM now?

The winner of America’s Next Top Model cycle 19 is signed with New York Model Management, LA Models, and LA Talent. She has appeared in an issue of Vogue Italia and has a cover and spread in Nylon .

Did Laura win America’s Next Top model?

Laura Ellen James is an American fashion model. She was a contestant on cycle 19 of ANTM in 2012, where she was the winner.

What did Laura do after ANTM?

Shortly after her appearance on ANTM, Kirkpatrick started a dyslexia foundation, The Beautiful Minds. The foundation hosts runway shows and other events to raise awareness for dyslexia education. In 2011, she appeared in William Fitzsimmons, “Beautiful Girl” music video.

What happened to Laura from America’s Next Top model Season 18?

Amidst a sprawling and crowded Mexico City, Laura LaFrate has found a way to model and to live on her own terms. LaFrate, the Scotia native who became famous as a contestant on “America’s Next Top Model,” moved to Mexico City three years ago, where she now lives with her fiance, Elias Nicolopulos.

Is Laura Ellen James still a model?

Laura Ellen James (born November 18, 1990) is an American model and actress….

Laura James
Occupation Model actress
Years active 2012–present
Parent(s) John James (father)
Modeling information

Where is Alyssa from ANTM now?

As of 2020, Allyssa is signed to Wilhelmina Models. She was in Gazeta Brazilian News, Clutch and Curva. She has also modeled for Tyra’s makeup line, Tyra Beauty. She is the founder of a blockchain/web3 consulting company, Three Comma Consulting.

What happened to Allison from ANTM Season 10?

14. Allison Kuehn. Since the show, Kuehn has been featured in editorials for Wedding More, Jessica Code, and Pop magazine. She is currently a digital content producer at KingsIsle Entertainment.

Who won Season 19 America’s Next Top Model?

Laura JamesAmerica’s Next Top Model – Season 19 / Winner