When did Headhunterz leave hardstyle?

When did Headhunterz leave hardstyle?

As often happens to creative people, a different challenge started itching Headhunterz’ mind. In 2014, he made a drastic change to branch away from Hardstyle and have a taste of whatever else was out there.

How old is Headhunterz?

36 years (September 12, 1985)Headhunterz / Age

What genre is Headhunterz?

Dance/ElectronicHeadhunterz / Genre

Is Headhunterz retired?

After a gold record, over 800,000 fans on Facebook, and headlining massive festivals across the globe, Headhunterz has officially announced his retirement from hardstyle. In just a few short years, the Dutch producer became an icon of the genre, leading the way for its spread worldwide.

Where is headhunterz from?

Veenendaal, NetherlandsHeadhunterz / Place of birth

What is house hardstyle?

Hardstyle is an electronic dance genre that emerged in the late 90s in the Netherlands. Hardstyle mixes influences from techno, new beat and hardcore. Hardstyle. The Red stage at Defqon.1 in 2018, the world’s biggest hardstyle festival. Stylistic origins.

Who started hardstyle?

On July 4th, 2002, Q-dance trademarked the name “hardstyle” after seeing the success of their past events. A year after trademarking the term “hardstyle”, Q-dance produced the first Defcon. 1.

Is hardstyle a house?

Hardstyle is an electronic dance genre, once classified as a sub-genre of Hard trance, it member of the hard dance music family, which mixes influences from hardtechno, hard house, and hardcore.

What is Headhunterz real name?

Willem Rebergen (born 12 September 1985), better known by his stage name Headhunterz, is a Dutch DJ and music producer. Rebergen is also a voice actor. He has done dubbing for several movies and TV series. He started his career in 2005 working on Hardstyle music.

What is Headhunterz’new label?

In 2018, Headhunterz and fellow DJ Wildstylez started a new Hardstyle label called: “Art of Creation”. Willem Rebergen was born on 12 September 1985 in Veenendaal, Netherlands.

Is Headhunterz a solo artist?

On 30 August, Headhunterz had his first official solo release on Ultra Music with his track, “Colors (Feat. TaTu)”. It entered the Dutch iTunes Top 100 at number 5 and number 2 under the “dance” category. A remix of “Colors” by trap group Yellow Claw followed, also released on Ultra Music.

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