What weapons did the Soviet Union use in the Cold War?

What weapons did the Soviet Union use in the Cold War?

Throughout The Cold War, These Russian Super Weapons Kept American War Planners Awake At Night

  • Key point: The union sought to produce technological innovations worthy of a superpower.
  • AK-47:
  • Typhoon-class Ballistic Missile Submarine:
  • T-55 Main Battle Tank:
  • Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bomber:
  • M1938 122mm Towed Howitzer:

What weapons did the Soviets have?

Rifles, sniper rifles and battle rifles

Name Type Origin
Mosin–Nagant M1944 Carbine Bolt-action rifle Soviet Union
Tokarev SVT-38 Semi-automatic rifle Soviet Union
Tokarev SVT-40 Semi-automatic rifle / Sniper rifle (with 3.5× PU scope attached) Soviet Union
Federov Avtomat Battle rifle Russian Empire

What were some weapons used in the Cold War?

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  • AA-52 machine gun.
  • MAC-58.
  • AK-47.
  • AK-63.
  • AK-74.
  • AKM.
  • ALFA M44.
  • AMD-65.

What was the Soviet Union’s secret weapon?

Image: Creative Commons. Dubbing the Soviet Sukhoi-15, or Su-15, interceptor the “Boeing Killer” should have been a compliment. The name evokes an image of a little fighter jet taking on America’s giant Boeing B-52 bomber.

Was the P90 used in the Cold War?

In the United States, the P90 is in use with over 200 law enforcement agencies, including the U.S. Secret Service….FN P90.

In service 1990–present
Used by See Users
Wars War in Afghanistan Iraq War Mexican Drug War Libyan Civil War
Production history

What was the best Soviet weapon?

Inspired by Nazi Germany’s Stg-44 assault rifle, the Kalashnikov was simple, cheap and durable, the perfect weapon for Soviet conscripts and poorly trained Third World armies. In terms of casualties (civilian and military) inflicted over the past 60 years, the AK-47 may be the most deadly weapon on the planet.

What weapons were used in the Battle of Moscow?


  • 1 Handguns. 1.1 Tokarev TT-33. 1.2 SPSh Flare Pistol.
  • 2 Submachine Guns. 2.1 PPSh-41. 2.2 MP40.
  • 3 Rifles. 3.1 Mosin Nagant Rifle.
  • 4 Machine Guns. 4.1 Degtyaryov DP-27.
  • 5 Hand Grenades. 5.1 Model 24 Stielhandgranate.
  • 6 Other. 6.1 TM-62M Anti-Tank Mine.
  • 7 Artillery. 7.1 45mm Anti-tank Gun M1937 (53-K)
  • 8 Gun Platforms. 8.1 BA-20.

What weapons were used in the battle of Moscow?

What guns did the White Army use?

A total of 3,200 Fedorov rifles were manufactured between 1915 and 1924 in the city of Kovrov; the vast majority of them were made after 1920….

Fedorov Avtomat
Type Automatic rifle/Battle rifle
Place of origin Russian Empire
Service history
In service 1915–1917 1920–1928 Re-issued in 1940

Was the Uzi used in the Cold War?

The UZI is a 9 mm submachine gun used by both the Nogovan Partisans and in limited numbers with U.S. special forces in ArmA: Cold War Assault.

Is Milano better than Uzi?

The Uzi does have a similar fire rate to the Milano alongside solid performances in mid-range engagements thanks to a high output of damage. Its recoil can be difficult to control but with the right combination of attachments equipped, the Uzi can be one of the more versatile SMGs in the category.

What weapons did the Soviet Union use?

PTRD-41 Anti-Tank Rifle

  • PTRS-41 Anti-Tank Rifle
  • ROKS-2/3 Flamethrowers
  • Bazooka (Lend Lease)
  • Panzerfaust (Captured from German Forces)
  • RPG-1
  • NR-40 (Soviet Combat Knife)
  • ZiS-2 (Anti-Tank Gun)
  • What guns were used in the Cold War?

    – Yard: under the stairs on the outside of Nacht Der Untoten. – Crash Site: on top of the plane. – Particle Accelerator: lower level of the room, behind the portal.

    What “weapons” were used to fight in the Cold War?

    Containment of Russia.

  • Arms Race Between the United States&Russia.
  • Development of the Hydrogen Bomb.
  • Space exploration.
  • Fall of the Berlin Wall.
  • Why did the USSR enter Afghanistan?

    Unwanted victory. Day after the Saur Revolution,when a pro-Soviet party seized power in Afghanistan.

  • Socialists mess up. Afghani socialists celebrating victory,1979.
  • To invade or not to invade. Soviet soldiers are showing their military equipment to Afghan paratroopers.
  • Trying not to lose. What made the Politburo change its mind?
  • It’s a trap. Uzbek SSR.