What type of questions are asked in CS exam?

What type of questions are asked in CS exam?

In order to pass each level of CS exams, you need to score: 1) 40% marks each paper….CS Professional Exam Pattern:

Mode of Exam Offline
Medium of Exam English and Hindi
Duration of Exam 3 Hours per paper
Type of Questions Subjective
Number of Questions 8 questions (you have to attempt only 6)

How can I prepare for CS?

Ultimate Preparation Tips for CS Exam 2021

  1. 1- Know Your CS Syllabus and Exam Pattern.
  2. 2- Make A Timetable.
  3. Prepare With Best CS Study Materials.
  4. Practice Previous Year Question Papers.
  5. Find A Better Coaching For Company Secretary Exam.
  6. Stay Focused.
  7. Solve More CS Practice Papers.

How many papers are there in CS executive?

8 papers
There are two modules in CS Executive exam; Each divided into 8 papers as per the new CS Executive syllabus.

Which paper are MCQ based in CS executive?

CS Executive Exam Pattern 2022- Highlights

Exam Highlights Details
Number of questions each subject For Objective papers- 100 MCQ (each paper) For Subjective papers- Total of 6 questions, each divided into four parts
Number of modules Two – Module I Module II
Total number of papers Eight

Can I self study for CS?

CS Executive study plan must include a few hours of self-study every day such as prepare from the syllabus books provided by ICSI, online video lectures, or attending classroom coaching.

What is the passing marks for CS?

A candidate shall be declared to have passed the Foundation Programme examination if he/she obtains at one sitting a minimum of forty per cent marks in each subject and fifty per cent marks in the aggregate of all the subjects put together.

Can I pass CS without coaching?

ANSWERS (2) You can do your CS course without coaching classes. Coaching are mainly done to get a mere direction and would make things a little simpler and easier. It is always possible to do your studies without coaching classes.

Is CS a good career option?

Apart from the duties, the CS can expect good pay of 25,000 to 40,000 per month in any Indian company. Starting a career as a Company Secretary brings many Duties & Responsibilities and apart from this, they play a significant role in company reputation as they handle legal matters.

How many hours a Company Secretary student should study?

CS Executive Super Saver Combos CS Executive Exam Planning Strategy: Normally the rank holders study for 12 to 16 hours daily during preparations for the examinations .

Can a average student pass CS?

An average student can definitely do cs along with bcom. I cannot exactly put it as easy, but it is possible with efforts and more over it will be useful too. It will help you to learn alot more. Most of the subjects in bcom will be covered by CS.

Can a average student crack CS?

nd I want to clear it in first attempt but is cs can be crack by an average student as it is quite difficult course? Dear Jyoti, CS is one of the professional courses in demand. If you can set realistic goals and preparation schedule, it is easy to crack the exam in first attempt.