What Makes Students Order Written Assignments

The activity of services for writing assignments, such as do my paper, has become a very profitable business, although it is safe to say that this activity is wrong from the point of view of morality. Authors of written assignments, writing it to order, help students cheat teachers and get high marks is not deserved. After all, in fact, the student does not have the necessary skills to independently perform a written assignment.

Why written assignment services are popular among students

Despite the fact that every year more and more students use the services of written assignments, the public authorities continue to ignore this fact and do not take any measures to resolve this issue.

In this regard, a number of questions arise:

  • why has this activity become legal and continues to supply students of higher and secondary educational institutions with written assignments which are not performed by them?
  • will the society benefit from specialists who have diplomas of higher education, but do not have the relevant knowledge and skills?

It is logical to assume that the answers to these questions as well as the control of the activity of assignment writing services, in general, should be in the competence of the department of education. However, it comments on its inaction in this matter by the fact that these services do not have the status of licensed educational services and, therefore, are not under the control of the department.

Hundreds of thousands of companies today are ready to offer students its services of written assignments, hiding its real activities under the wording “completed written assignments are advisory in nature.”

Will the services of written assignments help the student in the absence of knowledge

Many people are convinced that after all, the services of written assignments are not so harmful, its minimum assistance to the student is that he will read the written assignment and at least will remember something and perhaps that will rewrite it based on his considerations.

According to the data published by the services of written works, most of its clients are students studying by correspondence. These people do not have the opportunity to write the assignment on their own in view of the workload at work and lack of sufficient free time to search for and process information for a written assignment.

Perhaps they have a desire to gain knowledge and skills in writing assignments, but they can not do it because of the constant employment. In this case, they will learn at least part of this knowledge and skills from the assignment written by the services.

Once a student has received a written assignment from the services, the following occurs:

  • the student gets acquainted with it and checks its compliance to requirements of the teacher and his own representations;
  • if necessary returns assignment for completion to services;
  • studies its contents in order to own the material stated in it and to be ready to answer questions on its contents.

The role of the teacher in reducing the popularity of written assignment services

The teacher can play a major role in ensuring that the student decides in favour of independent performing of the written assignment, and not use the services for its writing. This can be achieved if:

  • he will give the student such a written assignment, the implementation of which will be possible only with the close cooperation of the student and the teacher through their joint work on writing the assignment;
  • the prestige and authority of the teacher who appreciates and respects his work will be increased in the eyes of students.

Currently, there is a tendency, unfortunately, that if the student does not apply to the teacher with questions and clarifications about the written assignment, the teacher will not talk to him about it until the time of its delivery. The situation may change, if the teacher starts asking the student, how the process of writing if he has any questions he would help him to clarify and propagate student consultations on performing writing assignments.