What is the radius of Sc3+?

What is the radius of Sc3+?

The ionic radii for K+, Ca2+, and Sc3+ are 138 pm, 100 pm, and 74.5 pm, respectively.

What is the radius of se2?

Metallic, Covalent and Ionic Radii(r)*

Atom/Ion r(pm)
Mg2+ 72
Mn 137
Mn2+ 70
N (75)

What is Sr2+ radius?

Sr2+ with an ionic radius of 1.13 is thus unable to displace bound Mn2+. Surprisingly, the presence of specific sugars like alpha-lactose, or alpha-D-galactose facilitated the displacement of bound Mn2+ by metal ions whereas non-specific sugars, i.e. alpha-D-glucose, beta-D-fructose and alpha-D-ribose had no effect.

What is the radius of p3?

Na+ P3-
no of protons 11 15
electronic structure of ion 2,8 2,8,8
ionic radius (nm) 0.102 (0.212)

Is sr2+ bigger than Br?

Number of protons in `Sr^(2+)` is greater than that in `Br^(-)`. Thus, nuclear pull on the electrons is greater in `Sr^(2+)` than that in `Br^(-)` so atomic radius or `Sr^(2+)` is less than that of `Br^(-)`.

Is Se or Se2 larger?

Cr3+ is larger than Cr and Se2- is larger than Se.

Which is larger Se2 or Te2?

Te2- is larger than Se2- because Te is lower on the periodic table. Thus, the atomic radius is already larger because there are more electrons. When Te acquires 2 more electrons, this just makes the ion larger.

Is Co2+ bigger than Ni2+?

Their order of activity was as follows (the concentrations (microM) evoking a half-maximum increase of coronary resistance are indicated (in parentheses): Ni2+ (0.03) greater than Co2+ (0.1) greater than Hg2+ (0.16) greater than VO-3 (0.2) greater than Cu2+ (15) greater than Zn (50).

What is the electron configuration of S2 -?

S: 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p4 S2- : 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 Note: Replacement of 1s2 2s2 2p6 by [Ne] is acceptable. One point is earned for the correct configuration for S.

Is P3 bigger than AR?

P3- vs. Ar: P has a +15 nucleus, Ar’s is +18. Thus P3- will have a smaller Zeff (=+15-10 = +5 vs. +18 – 10 = +8 for Ar) and a larger radius.

Is P3 or S2 bigger?

P3− has a smaller ionic radius than S2− .

Is Se2 or Se bigger?

Is Se2 or I bigger?

Se2- have the largest radius. Because due to the position of Se in periodic table we know that it is the biggest from all above asked in the question. And Se get 2 more electrons and become Se2- , which drastically increase its radius.

Are Se and Se2 the same size?

Design and display As far as the overall dimensions, the iPhone SE 3 is the same as the SE 2: 5.45 inches tall (138.4 mm) 2.65 inches wide (67.3 mm)

Which has the largest radius Se2?

Answer: The answer is “Rubidium Rb+”.

Is Te2 bigger than SE?

While S e Se Se and T e Te Te are in the same group but S e Se Se is above T e Te Te and we know that the atomic radius increases down the group so we can say that T e 2 − Te^{2-} Te2− is larger than S e 2 − Se^{2-} Se2−.