What is the moral of Spring Awakening?

What is the moral of Spring Awakening?

Spring Awakening is about change. Change within yourself, change within others, and change within time. “Purple Summer” is an important symbol for the allusion of time- for it is a flower that blossoms every summer. Time passes, flowers are planted, blossom, and then they fade away.

Why is Spring Awakening important?

The message that Spring Awakening sends is that whatever you’re going through, whoever you are, whoever you love, it’s okay. It’s all part of growing up. And that message is so crucial to developing teenagers. Many students who perform Spring Awakening are extremely passionate about what they’re creating.

What book is Spring Awakening based on?

Spring Awakening is based on the highly controversial and oft-censored 1891 play by German playwright Frank Wedekind. Spring Awakening was Frank Wedekind’s first play. He had it published at his own expense in 1891, but it was not performed until Wedekind started his own repertory company in 1906.

Is Spring Awakening religious?

The characters in Spring Awakening are Protestant, as were the majority of Germans. In fact, “German culture was Protestant; pride in German culture had an unspoken Protestant undertow. It became unmistakable when that culture was defended against the Catholic ‘threat'” (Blackbourn 293).

Why does Melchior beat Wendla?

Melchior initially refuses, appalled by the idea of hurting her. After Wendla continues to insist, he reluctantly obliges. At first he does not put any force into it, but he suddenly becomes enraged and beats her in earnest, leaving Wendla curled up on the ground in tears.

How long was Lea Michele in Spring Awakening?

That interview follows. Question: How did you originally become involved with Spring Awakening? Lea Michele: I have been involved with Spring Awakening for six years. I am 20 now — I just turned 20 in August — and I originally auditioned when I was 14 years old.

Is Spring Awakening a good show?

A passionate story. A charismatic production.” & Bold, brooding ‘Spring Awakening’ may shock ultra-traditionalists, but it’s the most explosive new musical since ‘Rent. ‘ ” JACQUES LE SOURD of JOURNAL NEWS: “The best Broadway musical of the year.

Who is deaf in Spring Awakening?

Sandra Mae Frank, a deaf actor who plays the female lead of Wendla Bergmann, says part of her role was to educate her character’s voice actor Katie Boeck on sign language. “She had no knowledge of sign language or deaf culture,” Frank says. “And yet we come together as one.”

Can high schools do Spring Awakening?

Mother: So you said you don’t think Spring Awakening is appropriate for high schools. But actually, high schools have performed it across the country, from New York to Wisconsin to Florida, where survivors of the Parkland school shooting have recently performed in a local community production.

Who is Otto in Spring Awakening?

Brian Charles Johnson
Major production casts

Character Original Off-Broadway Original Broadway
Adult women Mary McCann Christine Estabrook
Georg Skylar Astin
Otto Brian Charles Johnson
Anna Phoebe Strole

What Tony’s did Spring Awakening win?

The original Broadway production won eight Tony Awards, including Tonys for Best Musical, Direction, Book, Score and Featured Actor. The production also garnered four Drama Desk Awards, while its original cast album received a Grammy Award.