What is the French word of reconnaissance?

What is the French word of reconnaissance?


From To Via
• reconnaissance → gratitude ↔ Dank
• reconnaissance → insight ↔ Einsicht
• reconnaissance → appreciationallowance ↔ Anerkennung
• reconnaissance → appreciationthankfulnessgratitude ↔ dankbaarheid

Which language does reconnaissance come from?

French reconnaissance
Etymology. Borrowed from French reconnaissance (“recognition”). Doublet of recognizance.

What is short for reconnaissance?

recce ​Definitions and Synonyms Recce is short for reconnaissance.

What is a reconnaissance trip?

Reconnaissance trips involve direct inspection of the area being considered by mixed teams of local people and technical experts. They are used to familiarise everyone with the physical environment and key issues at the start of many community planning processes and to review progress at intervals.

What does Recon mean in military?

Recon is a shortened form of the military term reconnaissance which is defined as the exploration of an area to gain information. An example of recon is a visit across enemy lines to scope out the enemy positions.

What is a synonym for the word reconnaissance?

preliminary survey, survey, exploration, observation, investigation, examination, inspection, probe, scrutiny, scan. patrol, search, expedition. reconnoitring, scouting, scouting out, spying out.

What is the verb for reconnaissance?

Definition of reconnoiter transitive verb. : to make a reconnaissance of. intransitive verb. : to engage in reconnaissance.

What is recon in military terms?

In military operations, reconnaissance or scouting is the exploration of an area by military forces to obtain information about enemy forces, terrain, and other activities.

What does recon mean in the Marines?

amphibious reconnaissance
Recon Marines are tasked with land and amphibious reconnaissance, intelligence collection, surveillance and small unit raids, and straddle the line between special operations forces and conventional forces.

How do you use reconnaissance in a sentence?

Reconnaissance in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Because the reconnaissance team has discovered bombs up ahead, we will sleep here tonight and allow our explosives’ unit time to detonate the devices.
  2. The football coach sent his assistant to his rival’s field to perform reconnaissance on the other team’s strategy.

What’s the purpose of reconnaissance?

Reconnaissance is a mission to obtain information by visual observation or other detection methods, about the activities and resources of an enemy or potential enemy, or about the meteorologic, hydrographic, or geographic characteristics of a particular area.

What is the opposite of reconnaissance?

Opposite of the act of directing one’s gaze towards something or someone. disregard. apathy. disinterest. neglect.

What’s another word for Recon?

What is another word for recon?

scout exploration
inspection investigation
scrutiny observation
scan scouting
survey reconnaissance

Is Recon short for reconnoiter?

Often called recce (British, Canadian and Australian English) or recon (American English), the word for this activity has at its root the associated verb reconnoitre or reconnoiter.

What is reconnaissance in force?

Reconnaissance-in-force is a deliberate combat operation designed to discover or test the enemy’s strength, dispositions and reactions or to obtain other information (ADRP 3-90).

What does Recon mean in the Marines?

Does Marine recon still exist?

Marine Recon Battalions and Force RECON still exist, and their missions largely are unchanged. But in a nutshell, all future Recon students must attend the basic reconnaissance course (BRC) at Camp Pendleton, California.