What is the difference between Dometic 310 and 320?

What is the difference between Dometic 310 and 320?

The 320 is an elongated style and comes with an enameled wooden seat. The 310 is not elongated and comes with a plastic seat but can be upgraded to a wooden seat from Dometic (not cheaply).

How do I know which Dometic toilet I have?

The model number is inside under the toilet. Most common are model 300 (plastic) or 310(ceramic). It’s usually down near the floor, behind the bowl. If you have a phone with a camera, you might be able to get your arm back there and take a pic of it.

Are Thetford and Dometic toilets interchangeable?

Both Thetford & Dometic toilets will interchange with each other and these newer models are much more water efficient. Both Thetford & Dometic still offer plastic toilets that perform great and are an excellent value.

How tall is a low profile RV toilet?

Also available in low-profile height 14-inch tall.

Where is the serial number on a Dometic 300 toilet?

Find your toilet’s model number and serial number. This will be on a sticker at the back of the toilet, right under the water valve.

Which is better Thetford or Dometic?

Both Dometic and Thetford have sizes ranging from 90 litres to 224 litres, though Dometic boasts the greater range overall. However, Thetford offers a popular slimline model which is only 418mm wide (compared to a standard 525mm width) but has a substantial 140-litre fridge and a 15-litre freezer.

What is the best toilet for an RV?

Our pick for the best RV toilet is the Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet. Its high-profile design provides a taller seat height, and it can be fitted with a hand sprayer. It’s sturdy, easy to flush, and comes with equipment that makes installation easy.

Can I use bleach to clean my RV toilet?

Bleach should never be used in an RV toilet as it can damage toilets, gaskets, and the components of the waste system, causing a whole host of problems.

Will a regular toilet seat fit a Dometic 310 toilet?

Dometic 310 This toilet seat is not compatible with elongated toilet bowls (like that of a Dometic 320 toilet). It also features soft-close technology, so no more slamming toilet disruptions in such a small space.

Is my Dometic toilet recall?

To confirm if your toilet is part of the Dometic recall, check the toilet model and serial number on the label located on the toilet base under the water value. Please have this information available when you call their Service Center at 800-321-9886 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (ET).

Are Dometic and Thetford the same?

Both Dometic and Thetford are European-based brands with extensive Australian service networks. Thetford offers a standard 3-year warranty across its entire range, while Dometic’s warranty ranges from 1 – 5 years depending on what you buy.

What is the most reliable RV toilet?