What is the best support for solo queue?

What is the best support for solo queue?

Nautilus is just really good right now for Solo-Queue, he’s point and click CC and is probably the best engage Support that you can play right now due to just how easy he is. Karma finds her way into the S-tier as well just due to how strong of a laning Support she can be.

Who is the best mid Laner?

Who Are Our A-Tier Mid Laners?

Champion Win Rate Pick Rate
Anivia 51.48% 3.7%
Sylas 50.23% 7.8%
Ahri 50.17% 9.5%
Yasuo 49.30% 9.4%

Is sylas solo queue good?

Time and time again, Sylas has been trimmed down, and without a lot of practice time, choosing Sylas in your Solo Queue would be a disaster because he takes a whole lot of skill. So, we do not recommend Sylas in the Solo queue, unless there’s a special patch done for him.

What mid laners do pros use?

The versatility that comes from playing in the position is what makes the role very important to the game. Mid lane not only makes sure that the team gets ahead but also completely takes over the game….

  • Faker (T1) — 5.00/10.
  • Scout (EDG) — 5.57/10.
  • Chovy (HLE) — 8.71/10.
  • Doinb (FPX) — 8.86/10.
  • ShowMaker (DK) — 9.00/10.

Is Viktor good for solo queue?

Sure, Viktor isn’t all that bad, but he’s just not good enough for Solo queue climbing. He suffers from the same disability that Udyr, Akali, and Sylas suffer from. As Victor purchases upgrades for his Hex Core throughout the match, he is granted new effects on his abilities.

Is sylas a lane bully?

Rumble can punish Sylas in lane. Rumble is one of the biggest lane bullies in LoL, with his constant damage output and ability to shove minion waves. Sylas has a hard time last hitting under the turret, so perma pushing the lane can result in a great lead. Other ways of handling Sylas will be with strong control mages.