What is the antonym of Explorer?

What is the antonym of Explorer?

Opposite of a person who visits a foreign place. local. inhabitant. native. resident.

What are the synonyms for exploration?


  • analysis.
  • examination.
  • expedition.
  • inspection.
  • research.
  • search.
  • study.
  • travel.

What is the antonym of journey?

What is the opposite of journey?

stay wait
rest linger
abide pause
dally break
stop stay put

What are the synonyms and antonyms of expedition?

synonyms for expedition

  • caravan.
  • crew.
  • cruise.
  • crusade.
  • excursion.
  • exploration.
  • jaunt.
  • outing.

What is the meaning of voyagers?

plural voyagers. Britannica Dictionary definition of VOYAGER. [count] : a person who makes a long journey to a distant or unknown place especially by ship or boat. Columbus and other voyagers who traveled to the New World.

What is the adjective of explore?

Word family (noun) exploration explorer (adjective) exploratory unexplored (verb) explore.

What is the antonym of destination?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for destination. blackball, rejection.

What is the antonym of spotted?

Opposite of marked or decorated with spots. unspotted. plain. unflecked. unblemished.

What is the antonym for terrain?

What is the opposite of terrain?

unnatural surroundings alien environment
alien terrain foreign environment
foreign terrain anti-biome

How do you use voyage?

Use “voyage” in a sentence | “voyage” sentence examples

  1. Misfortune struck early in the voyage.
  2. The voyage from England to India used to take six months.
  3. The young couple decided to start their voyage immediately.
  4. The captain victualed his ship for the voyage.
  5. All good wishes for a safe and delighted voyage!

What is the suffix of explore?

suffix making example original word
-ation nouns explore hesitate
-sion persuade divide
-er teach
-cian music

What is the adverb for explore?

ex·plor·a·ble, adjectiveex·plor·a·bil·i·ty, nounex·plor·ing·ly, adverbre·ex·plore, verb, re·ex·plored, re·ex·plor·ing.

What is meant by the word exploration?

noun. an act or instance of exploring or investigating; examination. the investigation of unknown regions.

What is human exploration?

Current NASA Human Exploration planning is capability-driven, following a “Flexible Path” of missions with increasing capability into the inner solar system. It includes multiple destinations, where humans interact with and explore the surfaces of the Moon, Mars, and asteroids.