What is MachineKey?

What is MachineKey?

Use the Machine Key feature page to configure hashing and encryption settings used for application services, such as view state, Forms authentication, membership and roles, and anonymous identification. Machine keys are also used to verify out-of-process session state identification.

How do I generate a MachineKey?

To do this, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to IIS console on one of the webservers > Sites > select the Pyramid website > double-click on Machine Key icon in center pane.
  2. In Machine Key dialog, click on Generate Keys and then Apply.
  3. Copy the generated validation and decryption keys to the notepad.

What is IIS MachineKey used for?

The Machine Key is used to hash and/or encrypt cookies for the Alpha Anywhere Application Server for IIS. If multiple servers running IIS have different Machine Keys, the cookies created on one machine won’t be usable on the other.

What is the use of MachineKey in asp net?

The MachineKey class provides methods that expose the hashing and encryption logic that ASP.NET provides. For information about which encryption and hashing algorithms ASP.NET uses, and the key values that it uses with them, see machineKey Element (ASP.NET Settings Schema).

What are machine keys used for?

A machine key tightly secures gears, cams, sprockets, pulleys and other parts to the drive shaft in a power transmission and transmits torque from the main shaft to connected parts. A tapered machine key is used for easy assembly and removal.

Where do I put the machine key in web config?

If you have access to the IIS management console for the server where Orchard is installed, it is the easiest way to set-up a machine key. Uncheck “Automatically generate at runtime” for both the validation key and the decryption key. Click “Generate Keys” under “Actions” on the right side of the panel. Click “Apply”.

What is use of machine key in web config?

The MachineKey section can be configured at the machine (Machine. config) or application (Web. config) level and controls the keys and algorithms that are used for Windows Forms authentication, view-state validation, and session-state application isolation.

Where can I find orchestrator URL?

Now you need to provide full address like: https://platform.uipath.com/[AccountName]/[ServiceName] Before you needed to add just: https://platform.uipath.com/ You may find the full address in the address bar when you are on Orchestrator Tenant page.

What is use of MachineKey in web config?

How do I access Machine config?

The machine. config file is stored in the %WINDIR%\Microsoft.NET\Framework folder in the directory where Microsoft Windows is installed. By default, it is located in the following path: C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1. 1.4322\CONFIG.

How do I open Machine config?

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  1. Open Windows Run command. Shortcut=> windows key + r.
  2. Type “microsoft.net” – MS .Net folder opens up.
  3. Open “Framework”/”Framework64” folder(based on your processor).
  4. Select specific FW version folder e.g. “v4.0.30319”
  5. Open config folder.
  6. Machine. config will be available there. Cheers.

Where do I put the MachineKey?

Double-click the Machine Key icon in ASP.NET settings in the middle pane: MachineKey section will be read from your configuration file and be shown in the UI.

Where is SSL private key stored Windows?

OpenSSL, the most popular SSL library on Apache, will save private keys to /usr/local/ssl by default. You can run the command openssl version –a to find OPENSSLDIR, and confirm the folder where your server is saving keys.