What is another word for tolerates?

What is another word for tolerates?

Some common synonyms of tolerate are abide, bear, endure, stand, and suffer.

Can’t tolerate it meaning?

to accept behaviour and beliefs that are different from your own, although you might not agree with or approve of them: I will not tolerate that kind of behaviour in my class. [ + -ing verb ] I won’t tolerate lying.

What is tolerance in a relationship?

Tolerance allows you to tell your partner that there is something you don’t like about him or her, but you are going to deal with it because you generally love him or her. Tolerance doesn’t mean losing. Like everything else in this world, tolerance has its place in life.

What is a tolerant attitude?

If you describe someone as tolerant, you approve of the fact that they allow other people to say and do as they like, even if they do not agree with or like it.

What is a 6 letter word for tolerates?

Tolerate Crossword Clue

Answer Letters
Tolerate with 6 Letters (1 Additional results)

Can be tolerated?

1. to allow the existence, presence, practice, or act of without prohibition or hindrance; permit. 2. to endure without repugnance; put up with: I cannot tolerate incompetence. 3. to experience, undergo, or sustain, as pain or hardship.

How do you use tolerate?

Tolerate sentence example

  1. She said she couldn’t tolerate his moods.
  2. There’s one creature who can tolerate you, and that’s me.
  3. But no state could long tolerate the affronts which English seamen offered Spain.

What is the past form of tolerate?

tolerate ​Definitions and Synonyms ​‌

present tense
he/she/it tolerates
present participle tolerating
past tense tolerated
past participle tolerated

What does it mean when a guy tolerates you?

If you tolerate a situation or person, you accept them although you do not particularly like them. She can no longer tolerate the position that she’s in.

Is tolerance positive or negative?

Based on its Latin origin, tolerance, or toleration as philosophers often refer to it, is most commonly viewed negatively as “putting up with” something we dislike or even hate.

What are the qualities of a tolerant person?

What are the characteristics of a tolerant person?

  • They’re able to effectively circumvent the established process to get things done.
  • They don’t mind bending the rules when it’s necessary, and it doesn’t bother them when others do they same.
  • They’re forgiving when someone else makes a mistake, even repeatedly.

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What is a curved path called?

The motion of an object moving in a curved path is called curvilinear motion. Example: A stone thrown into the air at an angle. Curvilinear motion describes the motion of a moving particle that conforms to a known or fixed curve.

What is well tolerated?

Drug tolerability refers to the degree to which drugs’ overt adverse effects can be tolerated by patients. The tolerability profile is of comparative importance to its efficacy and safety, as it largely determines adherence to treatment and ultimately treatment success or failure.

How do you use tolerated in a sentence?

How to use Tolerated in a sentence

  1. The Mahommedan religion was everywhere tolerated, in many places much more.
  2. We told stories, sang songs, laughed and almost never tolerated silence.
  3. He tolerated every Christian confession.
  4. Criticism of church or magistrates was not tolerated.

What does it mean to tolerate someone?

What does it mean to tolerate someone? tolerate Add to list Share. The verb tolerate means “to put up with or allow.” You can tolerate your sister’s love of Broadway musicals but really, you prefer dramas.

What is the definition of tolerate?

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What does it mean to tolerate something?

Tolerate means for a body to accept something. An example of to tolerate is for your system to be ok with large doses of medicine. To not interfere with; allow; permit. To tolerate heresy. (med.) To have tolerance for (a specific drug, etc.)

What does tolerating mean?

When used in relation to traits of human personality, it describes an inflated, prideful vanity, a characteristic that is distastefully useless, corrupting, and intensely self-serving. According to Strong’s, it also indicates something fraudulent or crooked.