What happens in the end of Glasslip?

What happens in the end of Glasslip?

At the end when Kakeru’s tent went missing, it implied that he went on the tour with his mom. When Touka’s vision was seeing Kakeru and her friends were watching the fireworks in the winter, it implies yhat later in the winter Kakeru returns from the tour to watch the fireworks with Touka(his lover) and their friends.

Is Glasslip a good Anime?

Glasslip doesn’t induce creative drama, laudable realism, or a genuine slice of life. Rather, it’s an empty series that is misguided by its story and characters that almost makes us feel sorry for what it created. Well, almost. Produced by P.A Works with director Junji Nishimura involved, it’s no surprise that.

Who does kakeru end up with in Glasslip?

In the end, Kakeru stays with his father because of Tohko as she makes him feel at home and attends school along with Tohko as he calls her name from behind.

Who is the MC of Glasslip?

Kakeru Okikura |
Kakeru Okikura | Glasslip Wiki | Fandom.

How many episodes of Glasslip are there?


グラスリップ (Gurasurippu)
Episodes 13
Hina’s Lip
Written by Kazemichi

Who did Violet see at the end?

In Episode 10, she met a child named Anne, whose mother — knowing she wouldn’t live long enough to see her daughter grow up — hired Violet to write letters that would be sent to her daughter on every birthday for the next 50 years.

Does Leon and Violet meet again?

There’s a scene where Leon tells Violet they’re going to meet again someday. Years later, they do meet again and Leon grows a lot in these two pages.

Who did Amy Bartlett marry?


Who did Violet see at the end of Violet Evergarden?

Do Violet and Gilbert end up together in the movie?

By the time it’s revealed that he’s alive, Violet has indeed grown quite a lot emotionally and is finally able to understand what love means. Gilbert doesn’t think he’s worthy of Violet’s love, but he still wants her by his side, so they presumably end up together.

Does Violet ever meet Leon again?