What happened to Borgnine?

What happened to Borgnine?

Borgnine, who won an Academy Award for his performance in “Marty,” died Sunday of apparent kidney failure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, said his longtime publicist, Harry Flynn. He was 95.

Who is Ernest Borgnine married to?

Tova Borgninem. 1973–2012Donna Rancourtm. 1965–1972Ethel Mermanm. 1964–1964Katy Juradom. 1959–1963Rhoda Keminsm. 1949–1958
Ernest Borgnine/Spouse

How many times did Ernest Borgnine get married?

(CBS News) Ernest Borgnine’s death Sunday at age 95 has set a spotlight on his life and career – which included an Academy Award win and multiple trips down the aisle. Borgnine was married five times during his life.

Is anyone still alive from McHale’s Navy?

As of 2021, Yoda and Bobby Wright are the last surviving cast members from the McHale’s Navy television series.

Why did Shelley Winters gain so much weight?

The publicity department at 20th Century Fox announced that the studio had told Ms. Winters to gain 30 pounds for her role in “The Poseidon Adventure.” But by the 1970’s she had simply lost her lifelong struggle to control her weight.

Who did Shelly Winters marry?

Gerry DeFordm. 2006–2006Anthony Franciosam. 1957–1960Vittorio Gassmanm. 1952–1954Capt. Mack Paul Mayerm. 1942–1948
Shelley Winters/Spouse

Hours before her death, Winters married long-time companion Gerry DeFord, with whom she had lived for 19 years. Though Winters’s daughter objected to the marriage, the actress Sally Kirkland performed the wedding ceremony for the two at Winters’s deathbed.

Was Marty a good movie?

Everything you’ve heard about Marty is true. It’s a fine movie. It establishes its author, Paddy Chayefsky… as one of the country’s foremost dramatic writers. And the performances by Ernest Borgnine [and Betsy Blair] are superb.

How did Ernest Borgnine and Tova meet?

He and Donna together had three kids, Christopher, Sharon, and Diana. He then met his 4-decades long partner Tova Traesnaes on a blind date set up by his friend Marty Allen. Ernest and Tova married each other in 1973 and lived together until his death in July of 2012.

Was the PT-73 a real PT boat?

The real PT-73 was a 78-foot Higgins boat assigned to Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 13, which saw service in the Aleutians and in the Southwest Pacific theater. On 15 January, 1945 it ran aground, and was destroyed to prevent it falling into enemy hands.

Is Joe Flynn still alive?

July 19, 1974Joe Flynn / Date of death