What does the hour glass mean on Control4 remote?

What does the hour glass mean on Control4 remote?

The Hourglass indicates it cannot find the network. You’ll need a dealer to add this device to your project, there is no way to do this without a dealer.

Does Control4 Use WiFi?

Remotely access and manage your system from your smartphone or tablet over a 3G/4G or remote WiFi network connection. Control4 systems that have 4Sight are enabled for remote access automatically.

How do I connect my remote control 4 to my network?

In the Connections view, click the Network tab. Select the System Remote Control SR-250 in the center pane. Click Identify (or right-click and choose Identify). When prompted to do so, press the red 4 button four (4) times to identify the device to the Control4 system (Figure 2).

How do you reset a Control4 remote?

To reset the remote to factory settings: Press and hold the physical power button and physical mute button while powering on, then tap OK.

How does Control4 communicate?

Zigbee is a 2.4 GHz wireless communication technology used for reliable, low-bandwidth networks. Control4 uses a version of Zigbee called Control4 Zigbee PRO that improves security so that it can be used in sophisticated smart-home systems.

Is Control4 Zigbee or Z-Wave?

Control4 uses the ZigBee protocol in all of our automation solutions. Z-wave: This is a proprietary protocol that communicates using low-power wireless technology.

Can you program Control4 remote yourself?

For Control4’s 4Sight subscribers, they can now access all-new easy-to-use automation controls directly online for their home. Now, users have the option of either calling for a smart integration technician, or they can just do it themselves.

Does Control4 use Z-Wave?

At CEDIA 2016, Control4 is announcing that its entire line of EA Series controllers is now Z-Wave Certified via a new plug-in Z-Wave module, including the EA-1 for single room and the EA-3 and EA-5 controllers for whole home entertainment and automation, with supported Z-Wave devices, including sensors and outlet …

What are the alternatives to Control4?

Currently, there are three main players in this market — Control4, Crestron, and Savant. Each of these systems is capable of fully automating and controlling security systems, lighting, whole house music, thermostats, televisions, cameras, and more.

Is Control4 ZigBee or Z-Wave?