What does Reservation officer do?

What does Reservation officer do?

Also known as travel clerks or reservationists, reservation agents provide booking and reservation services to customers. These services may include reserving hotel rooms, airline tickets, rental cars, or cruise cabins.

What is reservation position?

A reservationist is someone who works in customer service and takes reservations for customers. They typically work at a front desk of an office or company in a customer-facing position.

What are the duties of a ticketing and reservation officer?

He/She makes and confirms reservations. He/She calculates the expenses and sells tickets to the passengers. He/She may be required to make other arrangements such as car bookings for the passengers.

What is reservation officer in hotel?

A Hotel Reservations Officer obtains necessary reservations for guest and clients; they make and confirm reservations for accommodation in hotels and other lodging places.

Why should we hire you as reservation agent?

You have excellent listening skills, are good around computers and reservation systems, and strive to deliver a great customer service every time. You rarely make mistakes, can manage your time well, and thrive in clerical work. Everything considered, it seems like a perfect match to you.

What is reservation and ticketing?

Reservation and ticket agents are employed by airlines, bus companies, railroads, and cruise lines to help customers in several ways. Reservation agents make and confirm travel arrangements for passengers by using computers and manuals to determine timetables, taxes, and other information.

Why do you want to be a reservation agent?

Why do you want to work as a reservation agent? This isn’t the most fancy job in the world, a position you’d boast about in front of friends. But it is a decent clerical job in a clean environment, and at the end of the day you help people arrange their favorite part of the year–holidays, vacation.

What is reservation in tour operation?

Reservation is a process of booking and blocking rooms in advance for the prospective guests. It is the hotels ability to equate the guests inquiry with the room availability.

Are ticketing officer similar to reservation officer?

Reservation agents make and confirm travel arrangements for passengers by using computers and manuals to determine timetables, taxes, and other information. Ticket agents sell tickets in terminals or in separate offices.

What reservations do you have interview question?

Do you have any reservations about my fit for the position that I could try to address? Is there anything that is missing from my CV that you need? Asking an interviewer if there’s something missing or of concern on your resume is a great opportunity to address any gaps before your potential employer makes a decision.

What is travel reservation agent?

Reservation agents, also known as travel clerks or reservationists, are responsible for assisting customers with various reservation arrangements, including advising on, planning, and/or amending reservations.

Why reservation is important in tourism industry?

A hotel reservation system enables guests to schedule dates and length of stay, room selection, extras, and payment all in one place.

Is ticket agent a good job?

Working as an airline ticket agent is a very exciting and rewarding career with outstanding benefits. Wages vary widely depending on employer and location, with larger airlines usually offering the most competitive salaries.

What is reservation tourism?

This is a very common term. This term refers to those guests of the hotel who arrive without any prior notice or reservation in the hotel. These guests arrive at the hotel hoping that there will be some room available for them.