What does MYC mean?

What does MYC mean?


Acronym Definition
MYC Movement for the Youth of Cameroon
MYC Muslim Youth Camp
MYC Muslim Youth of Chicago
MYC Millom Youth Centre

What is MYC in biology?

MYC (MYC Proto-Oncogene, BHLH Transcription Factor) is a Protein Coding gene.

Why is MYC important?

The MYC oncogene contributes to the genesis of many human cancers. Recent insights into its expression and function have led to new cancer therapeutic opportunities. MYC’s activation by bromodomain proteins could be inhibited by drug-like molecules, resulting in tumor inhibition in vivo.

What chromosome is myc?

chromosome 8
The results indicate that the human c-myc gene is located on chromosome 8. The analysis of hybrids between rodent cells and human Burkitt lymphoma cells, which carry a reciprocal translocation between chromosomes 8 and 14, allowed the mapping of the human c-myc gene on region (q24 leads to qter) of chromosome 8.

How many amino acids are in MYC?

c-Myc is a 62 kDa protein (439 amino acids) and belongs to the basic helix-loop-helix zipper (bHLHZip) class of transcription factors.

What chromosome is MYC?

Is Myc an oncogene or tumor suppressor?

Although the Myc gene was originally identified as an oncogene, it is involved in various cellular processes, including cell growth, proliferation, loss of differentiation, and apoptosis (Adhikary and Eilers, 2005; Pelengaris et al., 2002; Thompson, 1998).

What is MYC amplification?

MYC Amplification is an inclusion criterion in 2 clinical trials for non-small cell lung carcinoma, of which 0 are open and 2 are closed. Of the trials that contain MYC Amplification and non-small cell lung carcinoma as inclusion criteria, 1 is phase 1 (0 open) and 1 is phase 1/phase 2 (0 open) [5].

How big is an HA tag?

The hemagglutinin (HA) tag is a 9-amino acid long peptide corresponding to residues 98-106 of the human influenza HA molecule, an ~63kDa surface glycoprotein required for the infectivity of the human virus.

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Is myc an essential gene?

Myc is an essential gene having multiple functions such as in cell growth, differentiation, apoptosis, genomic stability, angiogenesis, and disease biology.

What does MYC do in the cell cycle?

Promotion of the cell cycle is a major oncogenic mechanism of the oncogene c-MYC (MYC). MYC promotes the cell cycle by not only activating or inducing cyclins and CDKs but also through the downregulation or the impairment of the activity of a set of proteins that act as cell-cycle brakes.

What is the function of the Myc proteins?

The Myc proteins (c-Myc, L-Myc, S-Myc, and N-Myc) are a family of transcription factors that regulate growth and cell cycle entry by their ability to induce expression of genes required for these processes (44).

What is the MYC family?

Myc is a family of regulator genes and proto-oncogenes that code for transcription factors. The Myc family consists of three related human genes: c-myc ( MYC ), l-myc ( MYCL ), and n-myc ( MYCN ). c-myc (also sometimes referred to as MYC) was the first gene to be discovered in this family, due to homology with the viral gene v-myc .

What is a myc tag?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. A myc tag is a polypeptide protein tag derived from the c-myc gene product that can be added to a protein using recombinant DNA technology. It can be used for affinity chromatography, then used to separate recombinant, overexpressed protein from wild type protein expressed by the host organism.

What is the MYC gene mutation?

Typically, mutated MYC genes, most commonly a mutation of the c-MYC gene, are found in forms of lymphoma, breast cancer, melanoma, and leukemia. Is MYC a Tumor Suppressor Gene?