What does komgo do?

What does komgo do?

Komgo is helping banks, corporates and other industry stakeholders to build trust and work smarter.

What is eTradeConnect?

Under the facilitation of the HKMA, eTradeConnect, a blockchain-based trade finance platform fully funded by a consortium of major banks in Hong Kong, was officially launched in October 2018.

What is contour blockchain?

Contour is a blockchain-based open industry platform to create, exchange, approve, and issue Letters of Credit on Corda, R3’s blockchain platform.

Is Komgo a blockchain?

Trade finance blockchain joint venture Komgo raised CHF 26 million ($29 million) in its third round of funding. The investment brought in SMBC and an unnamed global financial institution as two new shareholders, bringing the total number to twenty.

What are trade finance products?

Trade finance products and services include issuing letters of credit, lending, forfaiting, export credit and financing, and factoring. Estimates suggest that 80 percent of world trade relies on trade finance.

How does HSBC use blockchain?

LONDON, Dec 13 (Reuters) – HSBC and Wells Fargo have begun using a blockchain platform to settle bilateral foreign currency (FX) trades in the latest sign of how technology which underpins crypto assets is spreading to more mainstream activities.

What is contour OpenCV?

Contours are defined as the line joining all the points along the boundary of an image that are having the same intensity. Contours come handy in shape analysis, finding the size of the object of interest, and object detection. OpenCV has findContour() function that helps in extracting the contours from the image.

What is Blockchain ConsenSys?

ConsenSys is a market-leading blockchain technology company. From developer tools to enterprise solutions, ConsenSys is building Ethereum blockchain infrastructure and applications for new economic systems that are more open, efficient, and secure. ConsenSys is the leading Ethereum software company.

Does ConsenSys own Ethereum?

About Our Founder Joseph Lubin is a Co-Founder of Ethereum and the Founder of ConsenSys. He has established himself as a guiding force in the fast-growing blockchain industry and a powerful advocate of decentralized technology.

Can I invest in ConsenSys?

Can You Invest in ConsenSys? Not yet. Unfortunately, ConsenSys is still a private company. Until we have a ConsenSys IPO (not guaranteed, but seems likely), the best way to “invest” indirectly in ConsenSys is to simply buy and hold Ethereum.

Which banks use blockchain technology?

The private banks include HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Axis Bank, IndusInd Bank, Yes Bank, RBL Bank, IDFC Bank, South Indian Bank, and Federal Bank. And, the public sector units encompass Bank of Baroda, SBI, Canara Bank, and Indian Bank.

What is thresholding in OpenCV?

Thresholding is a technique in OpenCV, which is the assignment of pixel values in relation to the threshold value provided. In thresholding, each pixel value is compared with the threshold value. If the pixel value is smaller than the threshold, it is set to 0, otherwise, it is set to a maximum value (generally 255).

What is hierarchy OpenCV?

Hierarchy Representation in OpenCV. So each contour has its own information regarding what hierarchy it is, who is its child, who is its parent etc. OpenCV represents it as an array of four values : [Next, Previous, First_Child, Parent] *”Next denotes next contour at the same hierarchical level.”