What does Gashira mean in Japanese?

What does Gashira mean in Japanese?

head, counter for large animals.

Where did haiku originate?

haiku, unrhymed poetic form consisting of 17 syllables arranged in three lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively. The haiku first emerged in Japanese literature during the 17th century, as a terse reaction to elaborate poetic traditions, though it did not become known by the name haiku until the 19th century.

What Koro means in Japanese?

Japanese kōro, from kō incense + ro hearth, furnace.

What is Wakagashira?

The wakagashira (number-two man) is a regional boss responsible for governing many gangs; he is assisted by the fuku-honbucho, who is responsible for several gangs of his own. A lesser regional boss is a shateigashira, and he commonly has a shateigashira-hosa to assist him.

What is meant by glosbe?

Glosbe is a dictionary which allows you to translate phrases in all languages. Regardless of whether you need a translation to / from English, Japanese, Chinese, German and Belarusian, with Glosbe you’ll find what you are looking for.

Why haiku is well loved in Japan?

Haiku is a poetry of seasons. (3) Because haiku is short, people can remember them easily. For example, everybody, even foreigners who do not speak Japanese, can learn Basho’s haiku by heart due to its conciseness. Its shortness enables many people to write and enjoy haiku.

What does Koru mean in Japanese?

‘Koru’ means ‘addict’ or ‘be particular about st’

What is Goro Japanese?

Both goro (ごろ) and gurai (ぐらい)are used to express approximation. However, goro is only used for a specific point in time to mean approximately. Sanji goro uchi ni kaerimasu.

What does Koka mean in Japanese?

Kōka (弘化) was a Japanese era name (年号,, nengō,, literally “year name”) after Tenpō and before Kaei.

What is a Shatei?

Noun. shatei (plural shatei) The younger brothers. They are children or wakashu of the oyabun his brothers. They are under the control of the kyodai (the brothers), but in the end it is still the word of the oyabun that is final.

What is oyabun kobun?

yakuza is known as the oyabun (“boss”; literally “parent status”), and the followers are known as kobun (“protégés,” or “apprentices”; literally “child status”). The rigid hierarchy and discipline are usually matched by a right-wing ultranationalistic ideology.

What is Dohan in Japanese?

These are pretty rare cases but they do happen. All mama-sans running the clubs strongly encourage “dohan,” in which you meet the customer (called a “guest” in club lingo) for dinner and accompany them to the club after dinner.

Why is Japan called the dragonfly of Japan?

The country’s oldest history book from approximately A.D. 700, the Kojiki, even refers to Japan as “Akitsushima,” or dragonfly island. According to legend, the mythological Emperor Jimmu ascended a mountain some 2,600 years ago and declared that Japan resembled a dragonfly.

Why are dragonflies associated with the rice paddies of Japan?

Therefore the dragonfly is often associated with the rice paddies of Japan and with that the nostalgia of growing up in a farming community tied to the land.

What does Dossari mean in Japanese?

Romaji*. English. Explanation. ドッサリ, どっさり. dossari. *fwump* *stack* *pile*. With emphasis on the idea of something piled on top of each other, like a tall mountain of books or papers.

What is the symbolism of a dragonfly in Chinese?

The dragonfly means a variety of things in Chinese. The dragonfly means power, poise, maturity and a depth of character. What is the symbolism of a dragonfly spirit guide? live life to the fullest and stop wasting time What is the symbolism of the hummingbird in Japan? None. The hummingbird does not live in Japan