What county in WV has the best schools?

What county in WV has the best schools?

Top School Districts in West Virginia, 2020

Rank District City
1 Ohio County Schools Wheeling
2 Wayne County Schools Wayne
3 Jackson County Schools Ripley
4 Hancock County Schools New Cumberland

Where does West Virginia schools rank in education?

West Virginia was ranked last or 50th overall and 50th for educational attainability and 42 for quality of education.

Does WV have good schools?

West Virginia public schools earned a score of 37.86 with the highest-ranking school system scoring a 67.85 and the lowest coming in with a 28.81. “Most of it is in relation to test scores.

What is the biggest high school in WV?

Huntington High School (West Virginia)

Huntington High School
Enrollment 1,687 (2017-18)
Student to teacher ratio 16.50
Campus size 69 acres (0.28 km2)

What is the wealthiest school in America?

Harvard University
The Wealthiest Universities in the U.S.

University Wealth (in billions of dollars)* Type
Harvard University, MA 42.8 Private
Stanford University, CA 31.6 Private
Yale University, CT 25.4 Private
Princeton University, NJ 21.3 Private

Which school district makes the most money?

#1. Scarsdale Public Schools, Scarsdale, NY ($107,100) This small district recognizes the value of their teachers which is evidenced by the average salaries landing at the top of any district in the country.

What’s the poorest town in West Virginia?

The Top 3

  • #1. 25844 (Glen Daniel, WV) Poverty Rate of 0.8%
  • 25938 (Victor, WV) Poverty Rate of 1.5%
  • 24823 (Coal Mountain, WV) Poverty Rate of 2.0%

What’s the biggest high school in WV?

Spring Mills High School

  • grade B.
  • Students 1,380.
  • Student-teacher ratio 17:1.