What company makes Genesis Bicycles?

What company makes Genesis Bicycles?

Genesis is distributed by Sportline UK which is owned by H Young Holdings.

Does Kent make Genesis bikes?

All Genesis Bikes | Kids & Adult | 18 inch to 700c | Kent Bicycles | Kent Bicycles – Pedal Together With Us!

How much do Genesis bikes weigh?

With an all-aluminum body, the bike weighs only 45 lbs / 20 kg, which is just the right weight for an entry-level mountain bike, with suspension at the front and rear wheels, and an independent suspension at the body.

Where are Genesis bikes manufactured?

Where are your bikes made? All our bikes are designed at our HQ in Milton Keynes but we’re extremely proud to be able to use some expert workshops in Vietnam and Indonesia for production.

What bikes does Kent make?

Six Licensed Brands:

  • Jeep Bikes which includes hybrid bikes and mountain bikes.
  • GMC Bikes which includes road bikes and mountain bikes.
  • Razor Bikes which are higher-performance mountain bike style for children.
  • Little Miss Match bicycles – “innovative designs” for girls bikes and helmets.
  • Cadillac – license expired.

Where are Genesis bikes made?

Are Kent bikes any good?

Kent Bikes are good-quality bikes. They are made for all types of terrain and are perfect for mountain biking. The frame is durable and can handle a lot of wear and tear. The bike is also equipped with Shimano gears which make it easy to change gears while you’re riding.

Are Kent bikes good?

Is huffy a good bike brand?

Huffy Bikes as Brand Today Huffy is a good brand but it cannot compete with the top-level brands of today. While their bikes are not exactly high-end or have high-end components in them, it should be noted that they do make good bikes that can be used without problems.

Are Kent bikes American made?

MANNING, S.C. (BRAIN) — Bikes rolling out of Kent International’s Bicycle Corporation of America factory will be badged “Made in USA with domestic and imported parts” according to a recent ruling by U.S. Customs.