What characters are in unwind?

What characters are in unwind?

Connor LassiterLevi “Lev” Jedediah CalderCyrus “CyFi” FinchRisa WardRoland

Who are the three main characters in unwind?

The Unwind Dystology primarily follows three main characters: Connor Lassiter, Levi “Lev” Jedediah Calder, and Risa Ward. Connor and Risa are both scheduled to be “unwound” for different reasons, while Lev is a “tithe,” born and raised to be unwound.

Who gets unwound in unwind?

Roland ends up being unwound before the explosion, and Connor ends up receiving his arm and eye. A malicious and manipulative character, Roland stops at nothing to create chaos or gain power. Through Roland’s procedure, the process of unwinding is revealed. Hayden Upchurch is one of the teenagers in Sonia’s basement.

Who is Hayden in unwind?

Hayden Upchurch is an Unwind who went AWOL around the same time as Connor and several others. From the basement of Sonia’s antique shop, they were sent to the Graveyard, where the group stayed for over a year with other AWOLs. Hayden grew to become a loyal friend to Connor.

Who is Roland in Unwind?

Roland Taggart was a boy whom Connor, Risa, Mai, and Hayden met in Sonia’s shop basement. He is troubled, like Connor but obviously a bit more, especially without someone like Risa to control his temper. Roland was unwound, and his right forearm was transplanted onto Connor.

Who is Sonia in Unwind?

Sonia Rheinschild was the keeper of one of the safe houses of the Anti-Divisional Resistance….Sonia Rheinschild.

Biographical Information
Unwind Standing: Anti-unwinding Co-founder of unwinding
Occupation: Shop owner Former scientist (neurobiologist)
Residence: Akron, Ohio
Significant Other/s: Janson Rheinschild (husband)

Does Risa get unwound?

During a clapper attack on Happy Jack Harvest Camp, Risa was left paralyzed from the waist down and unable to walk. This went on for months until Risa was given an unwound part of a spine that allowed her to walk again.

Who is Akron AWOL?

Connor Lassiter, famously known as the “Akron AWOL”, is a former AWOL fugitive who was hunted down by Proactive Citizenry and the National Juvenile Authority for his acts against unwinding.

Who is cleaver in Unwind?

Cleaver is the pilot in the Graveyard and one of the very few adults working there. He is also the Admiral’s personal pilot. He takes Roland in as his apprentice.

Who is Blaine in Unwind?

Blaine was a clapper. He didn’t care for much, except for the people that were in the clapper group at the Graveyard. When he was caught and sent to Happy Jack Harvest Camp to get unwound, he became a clapper with Mai and Lev. Blaine was shot in the thigh by a Juvie, causing him to explode.

Who is Cam in Unwind?

Jurassic World: Dominion Dominates Fandom Wikis – The Loop

Camus Comprix
Biographical Information
Full name: Camus Composite-Prime
Alias: Cam Rewind
Gender: Male

What does Risa Ward look like?

She has shiny, silky, dark brown hair that has a brilliant sheen. Her brown eyes are also described as full-of-life. She was described by Connor as pretty, possessing a natural kind of beauty. She eventually had to change her hair and eye colors when she went into hiding.

Who is Sonia in unwind?

Who dies in Unwholly?

One day he receives a postcard from Connor telling him that things are troubled at the Graveyard. A Girl Scout knocks on the door and it turns out that she’s a Clapper. Pastor Dan is killed in the explosion.

Do Risa and Connor get together?

Risa Ward. Connor and Risa are a couple, fully committed and in love with one another. Connor goes so far as to say that she is the only girl he ever truly loved.

What does Connor look like in Unwind?

Physical description. Connor has brown eyes and hair usually tousled and messy. After the clapper incident at Happy Jack, Connor obtained scars on the right side of his face, an unwound eye, which matched his own, and an unwound right arm, particularly Roland’s with the tiger shark tattoo.

What does Connor look like in unwind?