Is Santa Vittoria mineral water good for you?

Is Santa Vittoria mineral water good for you?

As there are no vitamins and minerals in distilled water, there are no health benefits.

Where does Santa Vittoria water come from?

Northern Italy
Santa Vittoria, Australia’s favorite mineral water brand is bottled at the source in Northern Italy; making Santa Vittoria one of the purest waters available. Heritage – Santa Vittoria mineral water is owned by a 3rd generation family business in Australia.

Is Santa Vittoria naturally carbonated?

This magnesium, calcium, salts, natural sulphates and other minerals mix and travel all the way down into three deep springs in the little Italian village of Val Brembana where it is lightly carbonated prior to bottling. Santa Vittoria is heavily involved in carbon neutral campaigns around the world.

Who owns Santa Vittoria?

The painting featured on the label of Santa Vittoria is Alexandre Cabanel’s best known work – The Birth of Venus (1863). The Santa Vittoria label was created in house by Cantarella Bros, a third generation family-owned business….Santa Vittoria Water Analysis:

Balance Still & Light
Chloride 0.9 mg/l

Is Santa Vittoria healthy?

Santa Vittoria has an extremely low level of sodium, and healthy levels of calcium and magnesium in the ideal ration of 2:1. This, with a light carbonation, makes it the ideal accompaniment to food and dining as it compliments the flavours of the cuisine.

Is mineral water a mineral?

mineral water, water that contains a large quantity of dissolved minerals or gases. Mineral water from natural springs commonly has a high content of calcium carbonate, magnesium sulfate, potassium, and sodium sulfate. It may also be impregnated with such gases as carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulfide.

Is Santa Vittoria a real place?

Santa Vittoria is a real life municipality in Matenano, Italy. It is a commune in the Province of Fermo which is located in the wider region of Marche. Santa Vittoria is situated around 20 km northwest of Ascoli Piceno and around 70 km south of Ancona.

Is the Secret of Santa Vittoria a true story?

The novel, and hence the movie, was based on a real incident where an Italian town hid its wine from the Nazis. However, all the characters and incidents in the movie were fiction.

Was the Secret of Santa Vittoria based on a true story?

Who owns Vittoria Food & Beverage?

the Schirato family
Today the company is owned by the Schirato family with CEO Les Schirato AM joined by his son Rolando Schirato as Managing Director.