Is Natures Variety dog food safe?

Is Natures Variety dog food safe?

More recently, in late June 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identified Nature’s Variety as one of 16 pet food brands that may be linked to heart disease in dogs and cats. None of those 16 brands have been recalled as part of the agency’s ongoing investigation, though.

Who makes Natures Variety?

Nature’s Variety is a pet food company, wholly owned by Barcelona, Spain–based Agrolimen. With manufacturing facilities in Lincoln, Nebraska, and headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, Nature’s Variety specializes in natural, raw, and grain-free foods for dogs and cats, including dry kibble and canned varieties.

What is the best raw dog food?

PetsRadar’s pick of the best raw dog food

  • Nutriment Complete Raw Dog Food.
  • Natures Menu Country Hunter Raw Nuggets.
  • Bella & Duke Raw Dog Food Complete Premium.
  • ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Beef Recipe Dog Food.
  • Luna & Me Puppy Power Patties.
  • Natural Instinct Natural Chicken.
  • Pure Brilliant Beef.

Is Natures Menu and Natures Variety the same?

The partnership would enable Natures Menu to leverage the expertise of Natures Variety from the US, which Agrolimen co-owns. “Both Natures Menu and Nature’s Variety are experts in providing raw complete and balanced pet foods and are leaders in their respective markets,” he said.

Who owns Natures Menu?

Craig Taylor
Craig Taylor left school at 16 to join the family business and he always had ambitions to grow the Norfolk pet food firm into a household name. In 2012, he stopped selling conventional pet food lines to focus on all-natural products.

Is it OK to mix raw and dry dog food?

It is possible to feed a 50 / 50 ratio of both raw and kibble in the same meal; however, the ratio needed may vary depending on your pets body condition or body score (a score similar to a BMI in humans). This body score roughly dictates how many calories your pet should be consuming each day.

Who Makes Natures Menu dog food?

Family owned and operated for more than 50 years, Sunshine Mills, Inc. is proud to serve the world’s pets with a whole variety of foods and treats at value prices.

Where is Natures Menu dog food made?

We create and make our real pet food at our state-of-the-art facility in Norfolk. All those clever machines and fresh product need careful monitoring and real expertise. Our production crew are the best in the business, ensuring every product that leaves our factory is perfect.