Is Memorial Hermann Hospital a nonprofit?

Is Memorial Hermann Hospital a nonprofit?

Memorial Hermann Health System is a non-profit, values-driven, community-owned health system dedicated to improving health.

Is Memorial Hermann a big hospital?

Memorial Hermann Health System is the largest not-for-profit health system in southeast Texas and consists of 17 hospitals, 8 Cancer Centers, 3 Heart & Vascular Institutes, and 27 sports medicine and rehabilitation centers, in addition to other outpatient and rehabilitation centers.

Who is Hermann Hospital named after?

George H. Hermann

George H. Hermann
Died October 21, 1914 (aged 71) St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, US
Resting place Glenwood Cemetery, Houston
Occupation Lumberman, cattleman, oilman
Known for Philanthropy

Who owns Memorial Hermann hospitals?

Memorial Hermann Health System
* Memorial Hermann Health System owns and operates 14 hospitals and has joint ventures with three other hospital facilities, including Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital First Colony, Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital Kingwood and Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation Hospital-Katy.

How many hospital beds are in Memorial Hermann?

Identification and Characteristics

Name and Address: Memorial Hermann – Texas Medical Center 6411 Fannin Street Houston, TX 77030
Type of Facility: Short Term Acute Care
Type of Control: Voluntary Nonprofit, Other
Total Staffed Beds: 1,087
Total Patient Revenue: $8,742,385,841

Why is Hermann Park called Hermann Park?

In May of 1914 Houston real estate investor and industrialist George H. Hermann announced publicly his intention of deeding to the City of Houston 285 acres of this property for a municipal park across the street from the Rice Institute and thus Hermann Park was born.

When did Memorial and Hermann merge?

Hermann Hospital and the Memorial Healthcare System, which at the time had five hospitals, merged in 1997.

Who is the CEO of Memorial Hermann hospital?

David L. Callender (Sep 1, 2019–)Memorial Hermann Health System / CEO