Is American Nightmare based on a true story?

Is American Nightmare based on a true story?

American Nightmare is a 1983 Canadian horror film directed by Don McBrearty and written by John Sheppard, based on a story by John Gault and Steven Blake. It stars Lawrence S. Day, Lora Staley, Tom Harvey, and Neil Dainard, with appearances by Michael Ironside and Lenore Zann.

When did the movie American nightmare come out?

The film initially received a small theatrical release in March 1983 in Canada before finding a market on VHS in 1984 for Canada and the United States. American Nightmare largely fell into obscurity in the decades following, but a 2012 DVD release has since built the film a small cult following .

What is the American Nightmare pirate radio show?

On Halloween night, seven friends call the American Nightmare pirate radio show to confess their fears. Unbeknownst to them, a serial killer is listening. Before the night is over, they will discover that their confessions have ignited a psychological game of cat-and-mouse with a killer intent on delivering their fears upon them. — Rick-25

What makes American Nightmare an American Nightmare?

When sentimental memories collide with horrific imagery, it becomes an American Nightmare. American Nightmare pairs actual crime scene video with real home video to create a mystery where th…

What is the plot of American Nightmare by Alan Wake?

The plot of American Nightmare is framed by the narration of an episode of the fictional TV show, Night Springs, which follows the style of The Twilight Zone and appeared on television screens throughout the original Alan Wake. Alan Wake’s friend and manager, Barry, is asleep in a motel room.

When did American nightmare come out on DVD?

American Nightmare was originally released on home video in the United States and Canada on VHS format in June, 1984 by Media Home Entertainment. On November 6, 2012 American Nightmare was released on DVD by Scorpion Records, a home video label specializing in cult and indie movies.