How to throw grenades in Cannon Fodder?

How to throw grenades in Cannon Fodder?

If you are required to destroy the buildings (it should tell you in between each stage/level) you will need to find boxes of grenades and later rockets, then use your right mouse button to throw them. Be careful as it’s very easy to shoot the boxes and blow everbody up.

Can you play cannon fodder on PC?

Virgin ported the game to home computer systems MS-DOS, the Atari ST and the Archimedes, and the consoles Jaguar, Mega Drive, SNES and 3DO. The game is military-themed and based on shooting action with squad-based tactics….Cannon Fodder (video game)

Cannon Fodder
Series Cannon Fodder
Engine Sensible Soccer (modified)

Why is it called cannon fodder?

The term derives from fodder, as food for livestock. Soldiers are the metaphorical food for enemy cannon fire.

What is cannon fodder literally?

Definition of cannon fodder 1 : soldiers regarded or treated as expendable in battle. 2 : an expendable or exploitable person, group, or thing celebrities who have become cannon fodder for the tabloids.

What canon fodder means?

Where did cannon fodder originate?

The first use of cannon fodder In William Shakespeare’s play, Henry IV, Part 1, there is a quote referencing soldiers as “food for powder.” Here, key character, John Falstaff, is discussing gunpowder and the soldiers who lost their lives along the way. This takes us back as late as the 16th century.

How do you play bombs away in GTA Vice City?

You have to destroy three boats and kill nine Cubans. The car doesn’t need to be destroyed. Once you attack the Cubans, the Cubans will enter their boats and car and attempt to drive away. The Cubans on the boats have the ability to shoot at your plane so be careful.

What does the expandable mean?

able to expand or be expanded
Definitions of expandable. adjective. able to expand or be expanded. synonyms: expandible, expansible expansive. able or tending to expand or characterized by expansion.

Can a person be expandable?

The definition of expendable is someone or something that is disposable or not necessary or important. A person who contributes nothing to a project and who is thus not necessary to complete it is an example of someone who is expendable. Able to be expended; not inexhaustible.

What is the part of speech for expandable?

Definitions of expandable. adjective. able to expand or be expanded.