How to spray Primer putty?

How to spray Primer putty?

As a Primer Putty – Apply straight from can using a spray putty gun with air pressure at 350 – 400 kPa. Spray 2-3 medium coats avoiding heavy, wet application. Allow 10 minutes between coats (longer at lower temperatures).

How to apply spray putty?

Using instructions

  1. Remove dirt, fat and oil.
  2. Roughen resp.
  3. Test spray at an invisible spot.
  4. Shake the can vigorously for approx.
  5. Spray from a distance of approx.
  6. Apply DUPLI-COLOR Spray Putty in several thin coats.
  7. After approx.
  8. Continue structure of paintwork with DUPLI-COLOR Filler und DUPLI-COLOR Acryl Auto-Spray.

How long does spray putty take to dry?

Touch dry approx. 15 minutes Recoat 2-4 hours depending on temperature. Use SUPERGLOW MULTIPURPOSE THINNERS or GUNWASH.

Can you paint over spray putty?

Concept Acrylic Primer should be used over the Spray Putty Pink before application of any other top coat.

What is putty and primer?

Putty is often used to prepare a smooth, even surface prior painting. It fills in minor cracks and holes and removes any undulations on walls. A primer is a substance that is used as a pre-coat before paint application on any surface – walls, wood or metal.

What does spray putty do?

About Spray Putty Motospray Spray Putty is a superfine high build, easy-to-sand spray filler for use under acrylic or enamel paints. Ideal for the repair of nicks, scratches and minor dents.

Which is better putty or primer?

Yes. If acrylic wall putty is being used then a primer coat is recommended before and after application of the putty. In case of cement-based putties or Polymer putty a coat of primer is recommended after application of the putty. The coat of primer helps in binding the putty to the wall.

Do I need to sand after priming?

For your finish to be vibrant and not dull sanding after primer will ensure that the finish is not excessively dulled when you apply your paint top coat. You will typically use finer grit sandpaper and aim to achieve a smooth wood finish so that you get a fine appearing wood finish when you apply your topcoat.

What is high build primer?

High-build primers are usually 2-pack products which are mixed from 3 elements (primer, activator and thinner). The term ‘high-build’ is used by most paint manufacturers to refer to the primer used to prepare a surface for application of colour coat.

How long after spray primer can I paint?

Adding coats of primer or paint too soon could cause the paint to wrinkle. For the best results, spray all your primer coats on the piece within an hour. If you don’t have the time, wait at least 48 hours to apply a new coat.

Should you prime filler before painting?

Putting it right. Make sure that all filled areas are rubbed down smooth and level. You will need to prime the filler before painting to prevent subsequent coats being absorbed more rapidly than on other areas.

Do you need to prime after filler?

We recommend priming before and after application of the filler. Priming will protect and aid with adhesion of the filler to the surface. Priming afterwards also ensures excellent adhesion of your paint top coat.

What primer fills scratches?

Polyester Primer – Polyester primer has what’s known in the auto world as excellent “build” – it fills small scratches and dings much like a putty or filler would and has the highest filling capability of any sprayable primer.