How to calculate GI50?

How to calculate GI50?

The NCI renamed the IC50 value, the concentration that causes 50% growth inhibition, the GI50 value to emphasize the correction for the cell count at time zero; thus, GI50 is the concentration of test drug where 100 × (T – T0)/(C – T0) = 50 (3, 9).

What is NCI H460?

The NCI-H460 cell line was derived by A.F. Gazdar and associates in 1982 from the pleural fluid of a patient with large cell cancer of the lung. Gender Male Karyotype. modal numbr = 57; range = 53 to 65. This is a hypotriploid human cell line.

Why do we use cancer cell lines?

Cancer cells that keep dividing and growing over time, under certain conditions in a laboratory. Cancer cell lines are used in research to study the biology of cancer and to test cancer treatments.

What is the doubling time for MDA MB 231?

about 38h
Hi Nairrita, the doubling time of MDA-MB-231 cells is about 38h according to ATCC. I usually start with the density of 7,500 cells/cm2 in 96-well plate for 3 days MTS assay.

How do you calculate growth inhibition?

Normalized growth rate inhibition is calculated according to the formula: G R ( c ) = 2 log 2 ( x ( c ) / x 0 ) log 2 ( x ctrl / x 0 ) − 1 ( Fig .

How is IC50 measured?

The IC50 of a drug can be determined by constructing a dose-response curve and examining the effect of different concentrations of antagonist on reversing agonist activity.

What is the H460 cell line?

H460 cells are a faster growing cell line, with a growth rate almost double that of A549 cells. As a result, HPRT expression on the surface of non-small-cell lung cancer cells may directly correspond to cell proliferation. ****P<0.0001. Abbreviation: HPRT, hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyltransferase.

What is the cell line MDA-MB-231?

The MDA-MB-231 cell line is an epithelial, human breast cancer cell line that was established from a pleural effusion of a 51-year-old caucasian female with a metastatic mammary adenocarcinoma1 and is one of the most commonly used breast cancer cell lines in medical research laboratories.

How do you calculate growth inhibition of a tumor?

The relative tumor volume (RTV) was calculated using the following formula: RTV = (tumor volume on measured day)/(tumor volume on day 0). On day 29, the tumor growth inhibition ratio (TGI, %) was calculated using the following formula: TGI (%) = [1 − (RTV of the treated group)/(RTV of the control group)] × 100 (%).

What is cell growth inhibition?

Contact inhibition enables noncancerous cells to cease proliferation and growth when they contact each other. This characteristic is lost when cells undergo malignant transformation, leading to uncontrolled proliferation and solid tumor formation.

What is IC50 cell viability?

The IC50 is defined as “the concentration of an inhibitor where the response (or binding) is reduced by half.” So, if you are testing viability via an MTT assay, the dose of cytotoxic compound at which you achieve 50% viability will be the IC50.

What are BEAS 2B cells?

The BEAS-2B cell line was originally established as a human non-tumorigenic lung epithelial cell line derived from a human lung tissue and has been extensively used as an in vitro non-tumorigenic lung epithelial model in a large variety of studies in association with lung carcinogenesis for over 30 years.