How much does UPS training cost?

How much does UPS training cost?

$200 million a year
We went inside a UPS driving school and tried the same obstacles and driving situations that UPS drivers do. UPS spends $200 million a year on safety training for its drivers.

How long is UPS Integrad?

five to nine days
The training school, called Integrad, is like an intense boot camp for new UPS driver candidates and aspiring supervisors. The courses last five to nine days, depending on the training level sought.

How hard is driving a UPS truck?

Driving a UPS truck isn’t any harder than driving trucks of a similar size, like U-Hauls. While it might take some time to get used to the bulky vehicle, you’ll be able to get the hang of it with some training and practice. However, working for UPS isn’t easy.

Is UPS driver hard work?

Driving delivery truck for UPS is very physical work, very time driven and stressful most days. The vehicles do not have a/c so you sweat it out in the summer. Really no time for breaks due to workload but you are required to clock out for breaks, so you organize your truck on your breaks.

What does a feeder driver do at UPS?

They are responsible for picking up and delivering packages on a daily basis, often driving large trucks through city streets or rural roads. UPS feeder drivers must be able to multitask effectively in order to ensure the safety of their cargo and themselves.

What disqualifies you from being a UPS driver?

In order to meet the skill requirements for the job of a delivery driver, you must have a clean driving record in recent years. This includes no accidents or moving violations in the past year, fewer than three accidents or moving violations in the past three years, and absolutely no D.U.I. in the last three years.

Is driving for UPS hard?

How long does it take to become a feeder driver for UPS?

Requirements are 1 year experience, doubles endorsement and no automatic restriction. I put in the application with the assumption that this is seasonal for peak and I’m probably not going to take it, but I don’t lose anything in talking to them.