How much does a Stihl MS 881 Magnum cost?

How much does a Stihl MS 881 Magnum cost?

$2,179.99. The largest and most powerful chainsaw in the STIHL lineup. For the largest, toughest and most demanding jobs, professionals can find the performance they need in the MS 881 chainsaw.

Who makes the biggest chainsaw?

The new STIHL MS 881 is the world’s most powerful chainsaw in production today. Following on from the highly regarded MS 880 chainsaw, which was a favourite of foresters, the arboriculture industry and saw-mill operatives, the MS 881 was designed with the largest timber jobs in mind.

What is a magnum chainsaw?

This heavy-duty chainsaw offers maximum power for the most demanding cutting conditions. Simply the most power of any STIHL professional chainsaw, the MS 880 MAGNUM® still boasts a great power-to-weight ratio for a big saw that’s surprisingly nimble, thanks to STIHL engineering.

What is the difference between a Stihl medium and large chainsaw?

With availability in two different sizes, users have an option for most STIHL chainsaws. The medium case accommodates models MS 170–MS 500i, and the large case accommodates models MS 661 C-M–MS 880 (R wrap handle versions are excluded from both cases).

What kind of chain should I use on my Stihl Chainsaw?

STIHL recommends the use of green reduced kickback bars and green low kickback chains on all STIHL chainsaws. WARNING! Improper use of any power tool may cause serious or fatal injury.

What size guide bar do I need for a Stihl saw chain?

Note: STIHL recommends 3624 (33 RS3-84) OILOMATIC® Saw Chain and 3003 000 4030 25” Ematic™ guide bar combination. Compatible guide bar ranges: 16″ to 36″ Are You Ready for a STIHL?

What is the best chainsaw for arborist?

The MS 460 was squarely aimed at the professional chainsaw operator, and was well received by the professional arborist community. It offers a reliable, light and powerful head unit that can be matched with a broad range of bar lengths. It is even suitable for harvesting fairly large timber.