How much are tickets to AS Roma?

How much are tickets to AS Roma?

AS Roma Ticket Prices by Season

Season Location Average Ticket Price
2020 Stadio Olimpico (Roma) £460
2019 Stadio Olimpico (Roma) £460
2018 Stadio Olimpico (Roma) £375
2017 Stadio Olimpico (Roma) £422

Do Inter Milan tickets sell out?

Inter Milan tickets are seldom sold out. Please see tv coverage from Italian football. Inter does not even open all seats for every game.. The average attendance in Italy is rather low and ticket prices from the official sources are extremely cheap.

Where do away fans sit Roma?

Away fans are generally housed in one of the the distinti sections (The corner) opposite the home curva although they can inhabit more of the stand depending on levels of demand for tickets.

Can you drink in Stadio Olimpico?

Once it was sold directly on the stands, in its characteristic 3-liter cylindrical packaging, today you can drink it only outside, remediating it from some of the numerous street vendors who sell it together with other spirits.

Do AC Milan games sell out?

Re: AC Milan Tickets – How do I get them??? Dear Peter, the game is sold out and the tickets are strictly nominal. The original owner of the ticket can transfer it only to holders of the “Cuore Rossonero” card (it’s about security regulations – stupid regulations, but they do apply, however stupid they may be).

How expensive are Serie A tickets?

In the season 2019/2020, the cheapest option for a Juventus FC season ticket cost 650 euros. On the other hand, the highest price for a season ticket of this Serie A club was 2,370 euros.

How much does a Serie A ticket cost?

The average ticket price is about 40-50 euros, which is 60 – 85 australian dollars. It depends on the other team’s fame 🙂 Derby games are usually a bit more expensive. (my experience: Juventus – Inter 55 euros (83,39 AUD), Juventus – Palermo 45 euros (68,23 AUD).