How much are F1 Grand Prix tickets?

How much are F1 Grand Prix tickets?

Typically, United States Grand Prix tickets can be found for as low as $101.00, with an average price of $168.00.

Are general admission tickets good at Silverstone?

Budget (<€500): The General Admission areas at Silverstone are very good these days, offering lots of excellent vantage points around the circuit, as well as roving access to most of the grandstands on Friday. Cheaper grandstands worth considering include Vale and Village A.

Is the British GP 2022 sold out?

The 2022 British Grand Prix sold out in the shortest time in the race’s history and is expected to break all previous attendance records. It comes despite the weekend at Silverstone being one of the most expensive Formula 1 events to attend on the calendar.

Is F1 Silverstone sold out?

The British Grand Prix at Silverstone has sold out in the fastest time in Formula One history.

How quickly do Silverstone F1 tickets sell out?

three days
Likely that all three days will sell out for the first time in the history of the Silverstone race. The British Grand Prix at Silverstone has sold out in the shortest time in the race’s history and is now expected to break all previous attendance records this year.

What does General Admission mean Silverstone?

A roving grandstand seat on Friday – this means that you can take your pick of all the grandstand seats, if available, on Friday only.

What’s the best seats at Silverstone?

The Best Places to Sit at Silverstone

  1. Club Corner. Final Turns and Podium Views.
  2. International Pit Straight. Soak Up The Pit Lane Buzz.
  3. Becketts. See Cars Reach Max Speed.
  4. Stowe. Fast Corners and Great Views.
  5. Abbey. Controversial New Corner.

How many laps is British GP?

Great Britain – Silverstone

First Grand Prix 1950
Circuit length 5.891 km
Number of laps 52
Race distance 306.198 km
Lap record 1:27.369 – Hamilton (2019)

How quickly do Silverstone tickets sell out?

Are general admission F1 tickets good?

Thanks to the elevations of the circuit of the Americas, these zones of general admissions all offer good views on the action, and at a very attractive price.

What do you get with general admission F1 tickets?

The ticket provides access to different areas where you can sit or stand and enjoy the race. We recommend that you arrive promptly to ensure a good viewing location. Situated a short walk away from the main entrance, this General Admission area has plenty of facilities such as restrooms and bars nearby.

Where should I sit for British Grand Prix?

The best places to watch F1 at Silverstone

  • #1 Club Corner.
  • #2 International Pit Straight.
  • #3 Becketts / Club Silverstone.
  • #4 Stowe.
  • #5 Abbey.
  • #6 Village.
  • #7 Luffield.
  • #8 Woodcote.