How long is Halswell Quarry Walk?

How long is Halswell Quarry Walk?

5 – 40 minutes
Halswell Quarry Walks This is a unique 60.4 hectare park, with an unusual combination of recreational walks and historic sites. Duration of walk: Various walks ranging from 5 – 40 minutes with the opportunity to combine walks.

Are dogs allowed at Halswell Quarry?

Dogs may be taken on most tracks through Halswell Quarry provided they are kept on a leash but are prohibited from the Wetlands Conservation Area. Check out our map of dog parks and exercise areas to see where else you can take your dog.

How hard is the Rapaki track?

Track classification: Grade 2, easy: Mostly flat with some gentle climbs and easily avoidable obstacles. Route start details: Access: Park on Centaurus Road or Vernon Terrace.

What was mined at Halswell Quarry?

Halswell Quarry was a significant local industry in the Halswell area. The quarry provided cut stone for many of the city’s important building projects, including the Provincial Council Buildings and the Sign of the Takahe, as well as crushed metal for roading.

Are dogs allowed on Taylors Mistake beach?

At Taylor’s Mistake beach dogs are prohibited for a distance of 50 metres either side of the surf lifesaving club pavilion.

Is the bridle path hard?

The trail starts in Heathcote at the car park between the Gondola and the Lyttelton tunnel portal. Be prepared for a good workout as it is a steep walk but the views from the summit are well worth the effort.

Why is it called the bridle path?

The Name Bridle Path Stems From an Elaborate System of Bridle Paths Due to the Fact That Many Early Homeowners in the Neighborhood Had Horses. The Paths Have Long Since Been Paved Over, but Their Legacy Remains in the Name the Bridle Path.

How long is the Rapaki walk?

Check out this 2.5-mile loop trail near Martinborough, Wellington. Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 1 h 7 min to complete. This trail is great for hiking and walking.

How steep is the bridle path?

The ascent is steep; for a height of 1,100 feet is attained within 88 chains, or 1 mile and 176 yards; but, nevertheless, horses, bullocks, and mules will be able to carry a heavy pack to the top.”

Why is it called Taylors Mistake?

The name Taylor’s Mistake is most commonly attributed to a Captain Taylor of the Volga. In 1858 Taylor beached the American ship in the bay. He also mistook the bay’s identity. Sources are split, with some suggesting Sumner and others pointing to Lyttelton Harbour as Taylor’s intended destination.

Is Cass Bay dog friendly?

Carparks: Pony Point Reserve, Cass Bay beach, Corsair Bay. Toilets at Corsair and Cass Bays. Dogs on leash.

Why is it called a bridle path?

The bridle path is a shaved or clipped section of the mane, beginning behind the ears of a horse at the poll, delineating the area where the crownpiece of the bridle lies. Bridle paths are a common style of grooming in the United States, but are not seen as often in Europe.

What celebrities live in the bridle path?


  • Over the years, Bridle Path has been home to celebrities and prominent figures including Prince, Celine Dion and Drake.
  • This luxurious neighbourhood is characterized by large lots – most two to four acres – allowing its upscale residents to have their dream home in close proximity to downtown Toronto.

Where is Drake’s house bridle path?

Located at 24 Park Lane Circle, the home is located across the street from Drake’s sprawling estate. But we’d be remiss not to mention that while the home comes with an asking price that places it among some of the most expensive in the country, it’s not actually finished.

Is the Rapaki track easy?

Track classification: Grade 2, easy: Mostly flat with some gentle climbs and easily avoidable obstacles.

Where does the bridle path walk start?

Walk in historic footsteps – and get fit – on this route constructed in 1850 for Canterbury’s first European settlers travelling between Lyttelton and Christchurch. The trail starts in Heathcote at the car park between the Gondola and the Lyttelton tunnel portal.

How long is the Taylors Mistake walk?

Taylors Mistake Track

Start Taylors Mistake Surf Club
Finish Nicholson Park
Distance 2.1km
Time 1 hour one way
Dogs Must be leashed

Where is Taylors Mistake beach?

Taylors Mistake is located 5 km south east of the Christchurch suburb of Sumner. It has headlands at each end with 400 metres of sandy beach in betweeen that varies in color from golden to black depending on conditions.

Are dogs allowed at Spencer Park?

Dogs. Dogs are permitted in Spencer Park under effective control but must be on a leash in certain areas to protect wildlife values. Dogs are not permitted in Brooklands Lagoon or Spit, except on the Waimakariri Walkway where they must be on a short leash.