How does Maven project integrate with SonarQube?

How does Maven project integrate with SonarQube?

Step1. Download the latest stable release of SonarQube and unzip it to your favorite directory. By default, the SonarQube runs on 9000 port. Now that, SonarQube Server is up and running we are good to integrate our project(Maven)into it and do the continuous inspection of code quality.

What is the use of multi-module Maven project?

A multi-module project is built from an aggregator POM that manages a group of submodules. In most cases, the aggregator is located in the project’s root directory and must have packaging of type pom. The submodules are regular Maven projects, and they can be built separately or through the aggregator POM.

How do you specify multiple sonar sources?

Use Comma-separated paths to analysis multiple modules or projects. sonar. sources= mainDir/subDir/src, mainDir/subDir/subDir/src,… Set base directory with **sonar.

What does Sonar Maven plugin do?

The ability to execute the SonarQube analysis via a regular Maven goal makes it available anywhere Maven is available (developer build, CI server, etc.), without the need to manually download, setup, and maintain a SonarQube Runner installation.

How do you integrate SonarQube with project?

You have a Travis account.

  1. Step 1: Create a project in SonarQube.
  2. Step 2: Install and configure the sonarqube-scanner client.
  3. Step 3: Analyze the code with SonarQube and fix issues and bugs.
  4. Step 4: Integrate SonarQube and GitHub with Travis.

How do I set sonar project properties?

SonarQube Properties and Parameters

  1. Global analysis parameters, defined in the UI, apply to all the projects (From the top bar, go to Settings > General Settings)
  2. Project analysis parameters, defined in the UI, override global parameters (At a project level, go to Configuration > Settings)

How do I run sonar project properties?

To run SonarScanner from the zip file, follow these steps:

  1. Expand the downloaded file into the directory of your choice.
  2. Add the $install_directory/bin directory to your path.
  3. Verify your installation by opening a new shell and executing the command sonar-scanner -h ( sonar-scanner.bat -h on Windows).

Which of the following are advantages of multi-module Maven projects?

Why Multi-Module Project?

  • One single command is required to build all projects, including the submodules.
  • Maven always cares about the build order for you. You don’t need to worry about that.
  • Multimodule project configuration on your CI server is so easy.
  • Can build and work with a single module itself.

How does SonarQube integrate with project?

What is Sonar in Maven?

Analyzing. Analyzing a Maven project consists of running a Maven goal: sonar:sonar from the directory that holds the main project pom. xml . You need to pass an authentication token using the sonar.

What does sonar Maven plugin do?

How do you execute the sonar report for Maven projects or explain the steps to generate the SonarQube report for Maven projects?

  1. mvn clean //to clean the existing resources.
  2. mvn install.
  3. mvn sonar:sonar //to generate the reports, this command generates the report and move the reports to SonarQube dashboard. You can view your reports under project section of the Dashboard.

Where are project settings in SonarQube?

A project-level Background Tasks page is available at Project Settings > Background Tasks to allow project administrators to check their projects’ processing. It offers analysis report details and logs.

How do I create a project key in SonarQube?

Analyzing a Project

  1. Click the Create new project button.
  2. Give your project a Project key and a Display name and click the Set Up button.
  3. Under Provide a token, select Generate a token.
  4. Select your project’s main language under Run analysis on your project, and follow the instructions to analyze your project.

How do I run a Java project in SonarQube?

analysis of helloworld java project projectname to the project name you created. open a command prompt, and go to project root folder. execute “sonar-runner” command to run the analysis. you would see the analysis run.