How do you complete the Big Dig quest in Fallout 4?

How do you complete the Big Dig quest in Fallout 4?

If you betray Bobbi, kill her, then speak to Fahrenheit to complete the quest. If you side with Bobbi, kill Fahrenheit and the other Raiders. Then grab the train car key from Fahrenheit’s corpse and open the train car. Speak to Bobbi to complete the quest.

What happens if you betray Bobbi no nose?

If the player character persuades Bobbi to leave or betrays her, Fahrenheit will reward them with a legendary minigun with incendiary bullets, Ashmaker. Additionally, Hancock will become available as a follower.

Who in Diamond City is a synth?

Mayor McDonough
Mayor McDonough, synth designation M7-62, is the mayor of Diamond City and a secret Institute agent in 2287.

Can Hancock be a companion Fallout 4?

Hancock is an optional Companion that can be obtained in Goodneighbor. To obtain him as a companion, you will need to do a miscellaneous quest for him Investigate Pickman Gallery, and do two other Goodneighbor side quests The Big Dig and The Silver Shroud.

Where is Bobbi No-Nose after Big Dig?

If the player character leaves after talking to her when John Hancock sends them to kill her, they will lose the location of her hideout: Hawthorne Estate. If one needs to find it, it is just south of Andrew station.

Who to bribe to get Mel out of jail?

Next head to Diamond City, and talk to Bobbi at the noodle stand. She’ll ask you to get her tech guy Mel out of jail. Head to the security office and get him out of jail with a bribe, speech check, or lockpicking. Talk to Mel once outside of the security office, then return to Bobbi’s Place in Goodneighbor.

Can you save Kyle Diamond City?

The Diamond City security officers kill Kyle after he refuses to put his weapon away. Alternatively, the Sole Survivor can intervene by killing Kyle. Afterward, an officer will complement the Sole Survivor’s shooting ability and praise them for taking action. Riley will thank the Sole Survivor for saving him.

What does Hancock hate?

What is this? Fallout 4 Hancock Dislikes: Selfishness And Cruelty – Hancock has an aversion to selfish decisions and unnecessary cruelty. Making choices that fall within these categories will cause you to lose affinity with him.